Going To Space With xkcd (And Ten Hundred Easy Words)

Going To Space With xkcd (And Ten Hundred Easy Words) November 10, 2015

I like pretty much every single one of the many Randall Monroe things. Usually, that means the latest panel of his famous xkcd comics; sometimes, it means his newest “What If?” piece; today, it means watching a cartoon he drew for the “Minute Physics” guy about what it takes to make it into space, described in a mere thousand…er…ten hundred simple words.

Basically, if you “like confusing stuff explained in simple words” — or if you have an oddish sense of humor but really like to learn about cool things — this video’s for you. (“Up-goer.” Heh. “This room has a heater, and air, and no holes. So you can stay alive.” Heheh. So yes. This is pretty much made for me, specifically. Whether that’s a good thing or no, it’s true.)

I made this computer movie with XKCD to tell you how to go to space using only the ten hundred words in our language that people use most!!

Attribution(s): Video and stills are the property of Minute Physics and Randall Munroe

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