Streaming Suggestion: “The Emperor’s New Groove”


“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to recommend the hippest, most outrageously hilarious Disney film currently available from NETFLIX INSTANT.” …which is just another way of say that if it’s been as long a week for you as it’s been for me, I can think of no better antidote than to take some time [Read More...]

Music To Write/Work By


I wrote this post about a year-and-a-half ago. Way back in the earliest stages of my Patheos blogging, a couple days after Elizabeth gave me the keys to the place. But for some reason, I never published it. Too nervous, I think. For reasons that are still unclear to me. (I have over 200 drafts [Read More...]

London’s Past Meets London’s Present


I’ll be honest. I was sold on this video the moment Open Culture described it as “using Gustav Mahler’s Fourth Symphony as a sort of sonic mortar.” (Of course, as I scan through my archives, I find that I have been fascinated by this sort of past/present mashup for some time now. I’m nothing if not …reliable.) Time [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “The House of Small Cubes”


A couple weeks ago, I recommended Barbara Bakos’ charming “Lady with Long Hair.” If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, give it a look. …because the shared animation genetics between “Lady” and Kunio Kato’s Oscar-winning short from 2008, “The House of Small Cubes,” are really cool to see. (And also, really intentional on Bakos’ part, who [Read More...]

Gorgeous New Trailer for Tomm Moore’s “Song of the Sea”


As I have surely remarked in the past, I love The Secret of Kells. Which is streaming in a number of places, so if you have not yet seen it for yourself, I urge you stop whatever it is you’re doing and GIVE IT A WATCH. If you have seen it, however, you will doubtless understand my [Read More...]

Streaming Suggestion: “Sense and Sensibility”

Sister act: Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet in the 1995 film of Sense and Sensibility.

“From the Oscar-winning director* of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Hulk and the whiny, ridiculously over-entitled rich gal from Titanic, and the frigid (darn, should have saved that one for Titanic), neurotic, desperately-blocked writer from Stranger Than Fiction and the Uber-Villainous Gruber from Die Hard and that one genius-jerk from “House” comes a heart-warming tale of self-sacrificing, unrequited love and patient, edifying sisterly [Read More...]

C.P.E. and the Transverse Flute


Today’s shaping up to be a data-mining/data-compiling/mail-merging kind’o’day. In other words, an “I Must Listen To Music Or I Shall Run Mad” sort of day. Luckily, there’s an Internet for that. Here. This should get your toes a-tappin’: That, as you doubtless instantly recognized, is the great-(if overshadowed just a touch by his dad)-C.P.E. Bach’s G [Read More...]

Frane Selak: The Luckiest of Unlucky Men


NOTE: “As of this date, none of Selak’s claims have been independently verified.” But as my father always says, why let facts get in the way of a good story? For some reason, I keep thinking about is the opening of Magnolia. Except Sydney Barringer would have been the Unluckiest of Lucky Men, right? (Also, [Read More...]

“Collecting My Thoughts,” by Grant Snider


Perhaps it’s because I just polished off a much-needed long weekend, or perhaps it’s because I took last Friday off in addition to the previously-scheduled long weekend. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. But whatever the cause, I’ve had a tough time gathering my thoughts today. (Yes, this is not rare. Yes, today’s much worse.) [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Fathoms”


Today’s entry is a bit longer than the usual “Summa” (over 20 minutes), quite a bit more melancholic (truth be told, it’s pretty much a downer), and feels quite a bit less kid-friendly than the shorts I usually post. It’s certainly unsettling at times, and even scary. …and you know I hate scary. But I loved [Read More...]