Summa Shorts: “Lady with Long Hair”


In the wake of a wonderful Mother’s Day, an animated reminder of the way we children and our lives are woven together with those of our mothers, shaping them and their memories just as deeply as they shape us and ours. Again, lots of wonderfully subtle little touches. Like the way the short uses Grandma’s [Read More...]

My Most Anticipated Film of 2015


I can’t say for sure, because I change my mind so frequently. But it is entirely possible that my most-keenly-anticipated film for next year is this: It might not be quite true to say that this is the film from next year that I most want to watch personally, even though I am a larger-than-normal Nick [Read More...]

Action Movie Kid


After three days of graduation-related preparations and activities (including taking just under 2,000 pictures), I’m pretty wiped out. Which means these “Action Movie Kid” shorts are even funnier than I’d remembered. That compilation comes from one Daniel Hashimoto, an After Effects artist for DreamWorks, who has acquired quite a reputation of late by posting hilarious little [Read More...]

Streaming Suggestion: “The Magnificent Seven”


Y’all remember that I love Westerns, right? So the fact that I’m recommending one of the greats today — John Sturges’ legendary The Magnificent Seven – should come as a surprise to no one. It’s streaming on AMAZON PRIME. Go thou forth and watch it and have an absolute blast. Fed up with being brutalized and [Read More...]

Graham Greene’s “The Hint of an Explanation” Offers Much More Than a Hint


I sometimes feel pity for that thing. It is so continually finding the right weapon to use against its Enemy and the weapon breaks in its own breast. It sometimes seems to me so…                                                     …powerless. [Read More...]

Unforgettable Cuts: “Clancy’s Theme,” by Bruce Rowland


The Bruce Rowland-penned score for The Man from Snowy River is fantastic, and a significant factor in the film’s status as A Fast Favorite of the Susanka Seven. Yes, I’m sure the whips and horses and the insane plunge down the cliffside are all part of its charm, as well. But the soundtrack is spectacular. [Read More...]

So It Begins

TOUT_BreakingBad_long_image1 (1)

After many years, countless recommendations and conversations, and almost as many attempts to find a sticking point for the requisite courage, I am finally addressing one of my most glaring pop-cultural blind spots: Last night, I watched the first episode of the first season of “Breaking Bad.” Yes, I know it’s only the beginning. But yes, [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Writers’ Block”


Some good, quirky fun. Sort of a Stranger Than Fiction vibe going on, right? Which is always worth feelin’. The animation’s deceptively simple, and subtler than it looks on the surface. I particularly love the way the stripes on the prisoners’ uniforms don’t move. I’m going to assume that’s a “Monkey Island” reference, because this is my [Read More...]

Streaming Suggestion: “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”


When The Diving Bell and the Butterfly first flitted over the turbid waters of my cinematic consciousness some years ago, I didn’t give it much thought. To be perfectly honest, my initial reactions were almost entirely incidental. The first, a mild curiosity over the fact that its director shared a surname with the famous pianist and [Read More...]

Life Got You Down Lately? Here’s A Visual Antidote.


Maybe it’s not life that’s tripping you up. Maybe it’s just Thursdays. Either way, try this. Step One: Go to Google Image Search. Step Two: Search for “harry finder silhouettes.” Step Three: You’re welcome. If you’re not comfortable with Google Image Search — and there are reasons to avoid it, I know — you can [Read More...]