SSF: “Nebula”


This is a student film. Hang on. Let me repeat that: This is a student film. Calm down. No need to panic. It wasn’t made by a single person, but by a group of students at the French animation school Gobelins: Camille Andre, Marion Bulot, Clément Doranlo, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jungboix, Alexis Kerjosse and Sarah Simon. Actually, the number of its creators doesn’t really diminish its impressiveness [Read More...]

SVS: “The Rocketeer”


Clifford, when you borrow somethin’ and you don’t tell nobody, they call that stealing, you know. I’ve got a little list. Well, it’s actually more of a super-secret and frighteningly-long spreadsheet in my Google My Drive than an actual pen-and-paper list. But still, I’ve got one. And on that spreadsheet, I keep the names of [Read More...]

SSF: “The Herbalist”


This one has a gorgeous “painterly” style, even if it’s a bit on the dark side, story-wise. Reminds me of the great Frédéric Back’s “The Man Who Planted Trees,” in some ways. Except way more pessimistic. (Also, you need to watch through the credits, because the reference to the past in the short’s description won’t make [Read More...]

SVS: “Vampyr”


As someone who tends to avoid scary movies… …OK, as someone who stays as far away from the horror genre as humanly possible (because SCARY), coming up with a thematically-appropriate film for today is a bit tricky. My first instinct, for example, was to recommend a film more fittingly associated with an entirely different holiday: the [Read More...]

This One’s For Educational Purposes ONLY…


…and by “ONLY,” I mean “This video comes from a YouTube channel that describes itself as ‘music examples for teaching and study purposes, uploaded by members of the Music Department at English Martyrs’ Catholic School, Leicester, UK’ and this might not be exactly a teaching ‘purpose,’ strictly speaking, but I’ve been looking for it for [Read More...]

Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact


Rosetta: the ambition to turn science fiction into science fact. Yes, I realize I’m posting a short on back-to-back days, but I just can’t help myself. It’s not so much that it’s a really, really well-made sci-fi short (though that’s not an insignificant selling point). It’s that I can’t remember seeing anything like it before, [Read More...]

Remembering St. Crispin’s Day with Tom Hiddleston


I like this. I really, really like this. This Hollow Crown setting is a great deal quieter (and feels more sorrowful) than Bombastic Branagh’s version, which I have long loved (and will continue to love) dearly. And it  lacks the spectacular musical spine Patrick Doyle provides for Branagh’s Harry. But the quietness is incredibly powerful — perhaps even more powerful [Read More...]

SVS: “I Know That Voice”


A little (and, perhaps, terrifying) insight into Life at the Susanka House: Whenever I hear a bit of voice-over/voice-acting work, I can’t really think straight until I’ve figured out who it is. Which guarantees that nobody else will think straight while I’m figuring it out. Curious about the guy from Home Depot’s “Let’s Do This” commercials? [Read More...]

SSF: “Katedra”


…The reds, yellows, and blues of Madeleine shine like dawn through the ribs of the Cathedral, everything here is either in shadow or painted with viscous colors. I’ll sit, I’ll quiet my heart. I thought that it would be mainly fear, an animal terror, but I feel only regret now, a great, motionless, heavy regret, [Read More...]

SVS: “Good Eats”


For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been planning to use today’s post to recommend one of my guilty TV pleasures. But then I realized something. There was no guilt. So, rather than whispering something in your ear with a furtive (almost obsequious) glance over my shoulder to see who might be looking down on me with a shocked expression (and [Read More...]