A Quote I Just Can’t Shake


Things have been a bit crazy over the past few days, both personally and professionally. (Personally, because “Seven Boys = Crazy” each and every day, without qualification. And professionally, because the opening of a new academic year is always insane.) Over the years, I’ve come to recognize a peculiar, personal tic that pops up every time [Read More...]

Testing the Ol’ Tear Ducts


This video’s been making the rounds over the past few days, but for those that have not yet clicked on it, now’s the time. If it doesn’t make you cry, you might not have tear ducts. …or a heart. For me, its power lies not in the music (which is fairly pedestrian), nor in the generosity [Read More...]

Who Needs Sweet Nunchuck Skills, Anyway?


There are times when I run into someone who is so much better at something than I am that I can’t even get my head around what’s going on. This is one of those times. That’s Janos Karancz. He’s 18. And…yeah. I don’t even know what’s going on in there. I’ve always enjoyed yo-yoing, but [Read More...]

Claude Debussy: More Than Just Moonlight


Knowing my propensity for both classical music and whimsical animation, a number of friends notified me of the Google Doodle commemorating Claude Debussy’s 151st birthday when it first appeared last night. I’m grateful, because it’s wonderful. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. I love the way the lit windows serve as visual [Read More...]

Capturing New York’s Past and Present


These are fantastic. OK, so maybe that image doesn’t quite express why this NYC Grid page is so fantastic. But it does contain the seeds of said fantasticness. See that yellow slider in the middle? If you go to the site itself, you can actually shift that slider from side to side, and reveal/conceal the “Before and [Read More...]

Better Parenting through Lunch Preparation


An incredibly exciting/demoralizing thing happened last week: we got an entire carton of apples from our local co-op. Exciting because we now have something with which to keep the boys and their outlandish appetites at bay for at least a few days. And demoralizing because we’ve reached the stage where the half-life of a 35-lb [Read More...]

A Little Alchemy for Your Friday Afternoon


Looking for a bit of calm at the end of a stressful week? I’ve got just the ticket. Thanks to Vimeo’s Staff Picks (and crainium.net), here’s a wonderful clip from Evosia Studios’ Henry Jun Wah Lee, videographer and creative mind behind some of my favorite time-lapse nature videos. As usual, full-screen HD is borderline imperative. (The Utah winter shots are [Read More...]

TIFF Trailer for Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises”


For some time now, I’ve been eagerly awaiting an English-subtitled trailer for the great Hayao Miyazaki’s upcoming (and somewhat controversial) The Wind Rises. Today (thanks to the Toronto International Film Festival and /Film) is finally the day. After a bit of adjusting to the Japanese characters that keep appearing vertically on-screen (and the bewildering pop song [Read More...]

Seeing Isn’t Always Believing


I’ll be honest; even after repeated viewings and reviewings (and an entire night to let it all sink in), I’m still not entirely convinced this play is even possible. In debates concerning the game’s greatest defensive shortstops, I’ve always been an earnest Omar Vizquel supporter — partially because the bulk of his career occurred during [Read More...]

My Brush with Hollywood Immortality


Over the weekend, I stumbled across this fun piece from The National Catholic Register’s Jim Graves entitled “California Churches Make Hollywood Cameos:” California is home to many beautiful Catholic churches as well as home to Hollywood. Consequently, the state’s churches have frequently caught the eye of filmmakers and appeared in well-known movies and television shows. [Read More...]