The Red Beaches of Panjin, China


These look fake. They’re not. That’s Red Beach in Panjin, China. It’s famous for its vibrant and unusual color, caused by Chenopodiaceae, “a unique variety of alkali-tolerant seaweed that changes from green to red in the fall.” (This particular branch might be known as Suaeda salsa. I hope that’s right; it sure would be fitting.) I’m having trouble remembering when and [Read More...]

Fun with ReCut Trailers


Recut trailers are great. You know, those YouTube vids where someone takes footage from a particular film and creates a trailer that is radically at odds with the source material? I love ‘em. Such great editing exercises, and the grasp their creators’ manifest when it comes to the beats and moods of particular genres often [Read More...]

Everything’s a Remix, German Expressionistic Version


The dances I attended during my college years provided me with some of the fondest musical memories I own. Among those memories, Bobby Darin’s lilting “Mack the Knife” holds a place of particular prominence. (I’m not quite sure why; I suspect it’s equal parts unusual rhythmic construction and the strange dichotomy between the song’s easygoing [Read More...]

Mark O’Connor, Gypsies, and a Whole Mess of Fiddles


For years now, I’ve been searching for a readily-available version of the legendary Mark O’Connor’s highly unusual Fiddle Concerto. It’s a really fun piece of music, and one that deserves to be much better known. The downside to my long-suffering search? I’m regularly demoralized by my inability to find a YouTube link (or playlist) to share [Read More...]

A Tangled and Beautiful Tale


Here’s a mesmerizing short film that floated across my radar this morning, courtesy of Corrie Francis Parks, “a freelance animator and photographer based in Montana.” (Montana, huh? So, as we say here in the Wide Open Spaces of Wyoming, “a next door neighbor.”) Somewhat unsurprisingly given her location and interests, this short deals with fishing. But that’s only [Read More...]

Free Association on a Friday Afternoon


This afternoon, I find myself with an inexplicable hankering for “Touch of Grey.” So, here. Because Internet. Which, of course, makes me think of Spider Man. Obvious, right? …or perhaps not so obvious. My mind can be a bit labyrinthine at times, even to me. So I had to tease it out a bit. J. K. [Read More...]

Maria João Pires and The Wrong Concerto


My feedreader’s been sadly neglected over the past few days — a condition produced primarily by my vacation, but perpetuated by a rising terror at the thousands of unread posts that would doubtless assail me upon opening its “pages” — so I’m coming to this story a bit later than the rest of the InterWebs. (Actually, the [Read More...]

Things Learned Between WY and CA (and Relearned Between CA and WY)


Thing One: That’s a radiator cap. Everyone (or every car) should have one. For a brief moment on that fantastic 80MPH stretch between Salt Lake City and St. George, we did not have one. Or at least we did not have one attached to our radiator in quite the way one might wish. As a [Read More...]

Back in the Saddle


We’re back. Yes, I’m sure. I looked out of my window this morning, and saw that it was 12°. Wait…What? I have a feeling we’re not in California any more, Toto. Posting will resume as soon as I recover from my vacation. IF I recover from my vacation. (Thanks to ShutterStock for that not-quite-wintry-enough image, [Read More...]

Away Message


Dear Reader(s), I will be away from My Crazy Wyoming Life for a few days to attend a wedding in SoCal. As a result, blogging will probably be sparse. Or silly. (So, pretty much business as usual here at STST, right?) Please hold your applause. And pray for my sons, who will be spending the [Read More...]