The Laughter of Learning


Homeschooling a whole mess of boys is a huge challenge. And I say this knowing full-well that I can only grasp the reality of that statement tangentially; my beloved, patient wife bears the real brunt of its truth. Something that makes it measurably easier, however, is the willingness of the older boys to help their [Read More...]

Peter Bellerby, Globemaker


I’m fascinated by people who make things with their hands. Probably because I’m as bad at creating things with my hands as anyone ever, so successful hand-crafters seem like gods to me. Enter the godlike Peter Bellerby – a Londoner who really, really wanted to give his father a globe for his 80th birthday, but just couldn’t find [Read More...]

Leonard Cohen’s “Show Me The Place”


Thanks to Steven Greydanus’ musings on this Fred Stobaugh piece from a few weeks ago, I’ve been listening to Leonard Cohen’s “Show Me The Place” almost non-stop ever since. I love it. Absolutely love it. Though I’m not entirely sure why I love it so. Musically, it’s pretty straightforward (aka, plain). And I’m not at all sure what [Read More...]

The Family That Views Together…


The weekend was insane. Again. Some day soon, I’ll come to the realization that all weekends spent with a family of seven boys are insane, but today is not that day. One upside of the aforementioned-and-ongoing insanity, however, is that it brings the highlight of the weekend into sharp-and-grateful relief: Watching the first few episodes [Read More...]

Perlman and Zukerman Play Handel and Halvorsen


This is definitely one of those “made in Heaven” matches; on both counts, actually. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. (Also, a very nostalgic piece for me. I played it a great deal during my piano-lesson days, though perhaps not quite this well. And yes, legalists, I didn’t play the Handel-Halverson version, because that title refers to the [Read More...]

And May Christ Be In Our Midst

Bybee Cross

Today is a day of powerful, overwhelming emotions for many of us — a day when words feel hopelessly inadequate. For me, that means today is a day for music. (For as long as I can remember, music has helped to guide me through moments just like this, when my thoughts and the words I [Read More...]

“Frame by Frame” — PBS Studies the Art of Stop Motion


The art of stop-motion has fascinated me for nearly as long as I can remember. I think it has something to do with the enormous amount of patience required — a trait that I greatly respect, but sorely lack. As my long-time friend and college roommate used to say, “Yeah, yeah, patience! How long will that take?” (Interestingly and perhaps [Read More...]

Do We Really Need Another Sherlock?


My affection for the thespian work of Sir Ian McKellen is well-documented. As is my affection for Sherlock Holmes. So you can just imagine how this makes me feel. “The Fifth Estate” helmer Bill Condon is reuniting with Brit thesp Ian McKellen for a feature adaptation of “A Slight Trick of the Mind,” based on the tome by Mitch Cullin. … With his [Read More...]

Poppy Hill and the Wonderful Ordinary


On the wall above my desk, there hangs a home-made plaque with this Chesterton quote: For a plain, hard-working man the home is not the one tame place in the world of adventure. It is the one wild place in the world of rules and set tasks. I love this quote. Not because my home [Read More...]

A Little Labor Day Yodeling


I hope y’all have the opportunity to celebrate Labor Day by not laboring. Good times. But for those who are finding today’s holiday more literal than they might otherwise wish, I offer this video as mollification. It’ll be good for what ails you. (I speak from experience, having spent almost the entire 9+ minutes smiling goofily [Read More...]