No Commentary Necessary — Bach-Rostropovich Edition


On days like this, when my jangled soul needs soothing, I often find myself turning to Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suites, as interpreted by the incomparable Mstislav Rostropovich. I don’t quite know why the sound of the cello is so calming to me — and calming it is, even when Rostropovich is performing at his technically-masterful-but-breakneck pace, e.g. [Read More...]

Reflecting on Time with XKCD


I suspect I’m a couple weeks late on this one. But it’s simply too much fun for me to pass up. So, for those of you who have actually been paying attention to the InterWebs over the last few days, please move along. (Also, since it’s almost impossible for me to imagine a world in [Read More...]

Snow Days, Wyoming Style


So… …we may have gotten a bit more snow during the night than we were anticipating. And it’s still coming down. I’m not sure of the official numbers yet, but my unofficial measuring system puts this one in the “world o’hurt, shoveling-wise” category. Firmly. In fact, we might be lookin’ at the largest single-storm accumulation [Read More...]

A Little Housekeeping


Apparently, Wyoming is experiencing a bit of a weather relapse. Forecasts suggest anywhere between 8″-10″ of accumulation by the end of the night, which should fit in nicely with the 4″ or 5″ I’ve got on my porch right now. I love the snow, so I’m not particularly disappointed by Winter’s extended run. But there’s a downside this time around, [Read More...]

Finding Serenity with Jobson’s Flickr Finds


I had a long (and if past history is any indicator, a hopelessly over-written) movie post scheduled for this afternoon. But in the wake of Roger Ebert’s passing yesterday (and a quick, in memoriam spin through his great “Great Movies” series as well as several wonderful testimonials), I’m uncomfortably aware of my piece’s deficiencies. Just can’t pull the trigger [Read More...]

Rest in Peace, Roger


Renowned and beloved film critic Roger Ebert passed away today after a long battle with cancer. From his long-time employers and friend at the Chicago Sun-Times: My newspaper job,” he said in 2005, “is my identity.” But as always with Roger Ebert, that was being too modest. He was a rennaissance man whose genius was based on [Read More...]

Sound the Trumpet!


I’ve been racking my brain for the past few days in an attempt to come up with a topic more “in my wheelhouse” than Alison Balsom’s “Sound the Trumpet” album, but to no avail. Let us count the ways that I have been unsuccessful (though not disappointed) in my attempts: 1. I’m in a celebratory mood, [Read More...]

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, According to John (and Bach)


Each year, as part of my Good Friday devotions, I try to listen (as distraction-free as possible) to a musical work suited — both emotionally and liturgically — to the commemoration of Christ’s passion and death. Past listening sessions have ranged from Alfeyev’s Passion of St. Matthew and Richard Einhorn’s Voices of Light to Schutz’s Passions (Matthew, Luke, [Read More...]

Complacency, Abandonment, And The Violence That Precedes Grace


“Our age not only does not have a very sharp eye for the almost imperceptible intrusions of grace, it no longer has much feeling for the nature of the violences which precede and follow them.” – Flannery O’Connor I stumbled across that O’Connor quote earlier this week while searching for ways to commemorate her birthday. I’ve [Read More...]

The Calm Before The Storm


The first few days of Holy Week always feel so strange to me. The eager throngs and joyful Hosannas of Palm Sunday are behind us; the angry shouts, the betrayals, the torches of Holy Thursday, before. At this moment, though — waiting in this liturgical lull; this eye of the Lenten storm — all is [Read More...]