Urgent Netflix Alert: Tarkovsky’s “The Sacrifice”


If you (like me) do the vast majority of your movie viewing through Netflix Watch Instantly, and if you (like me) are inexpressibly-but-powerfully drawn to obscure, challenging, metaphysical magnum opera, then today is your lucky day: Andrei Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice (Offret) is currently streaming. Alexander, a retired professor who lives on a remote island, is [Read More...]

Lenten Listening with Pavel Chesnokov


Today, as I crunched my early morning way through the blinding, post-storm whiteness, Pavel Chesnokov’s “Salvation is Created” popped unbidden into my head. I did not complain. WARNING:  I’m not entirely sure for which liturgical season this piece is most appropriate. My instinct  – based on the lyrics — is that it was written for [Read More...]

Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Imagery of Austria’s Lake Hallstatt


This, my friends, is what’s known as “doing time-lapse video right.” (HD imperative.) Lake Hallstatt has been referred to as the “melancholic lake”, the “still fjord” and the “vision of a perfect mountain lake”. It is a classic relic of the Ice Age and it has a total area of 858 square metres lying between the steep [Read More...]

Whistle-Stoppin’ Through Wednesday


Wednesdays have always been the toughest workdays for me to handle. Mondays and Tuesdays are propelled forward by the left-over energy of the Weekend Past, while Thursdays and Fridays are pulled along by the gravity of the Weekend Future. But Wednesdays just sit there, obdurate. Which is why Brandon Vogt’s mention of Roger Miller’s beloved [Read More...]

Baseball’s Springtime Reminder


It’s happening again, as it does every year. I’ve got a fever; a debilitating, devouring, demoralizing fever. And the only prescription is more baseball. Luckily, it’s late February. So I should be able to get this cleared up in no time. Renewing my subscription to the priceless (I wish) MLB.TV? Check. Hyperventilating over Saturday’s Spring Training openers? Check. [Read More...]

Bobby McFerrin on the Danceability of Bach


For those in search of a reason behind the posting of this clip, none shall be given. Other than the respectful suggestion that they watch it again. And again. And again, ’til the need for an explanation is washed gently away by the waves of pure awesomeness. Additional Bach and McFerrin links, however, are readily [Read More...]

Rounding Up Oscar’s Animated Shorts

Adam and Dog

With the 85th Academy Awards just ’round the corner, I spent the last few days scouring the Internet in search of nominees in the only category about which I truly care: Best Animated Short. Finding streaming versions online can be a tricky business, as they crop up and then vanish from various video sites like [Read More...]

Into the Wilderness


Therefore, in the punishment, and also in the malediction of the soil, there remains a good intention that comes from God. When he says to man, “You are dust and to dust you shall return!” together with the just punishment he also intends to announce a path of salvation, which will travel through the earth, [Read More...]

Prepping for Valentine’s Day with A&F’s “Top 25 Films on Marriage”


A group of bloggers from Patheos’ Movie Channel — including Jeffrey Overstreet and Peter Chattaway, two cinematic commentators I’ve been following for most of my Internet life – are also regular contributors to Image Journal/the Arts & Faith Forums. (The inimitable Steven D. Greydanus is a regular there, as well, but he has somehow managed to elude us. For [Read More...]

Reacting to The Resignation


Yes. If a Pope clearly realizes that he is no longer physically, psychologically, and spiritually capable of handling the duties of his office, then he has a right and, under some circumstances, also an obligation to resign. — Benedict XVI My Latin’s undeniably rusty, so as I listened to Papa Benedetto’s announcement this morning, I [Read More...]