The Love Language of Little League


As this year’s two-month Little League marathon drew to a close, I came to realize something important about myself: When it comes to baseball, I’m just a teeny, tiny bit more …intense than most 9-year-olds. This year, as the manager of Sean (#2 Son) and Mark’s (#3 Son) Red Sox team, I spent countless hours [Read More...]

No Commentary Necessary — “The Coffinmaker”


I said commentary was unnecessary. And I meant it.  But I just can’t help myself. It’s a beautiful short; muted, meditative, and perfectly lit. So it’s in my wheelhouse, artistically. But it’s successful on a much richer, more important level than merely a visual one, and I come away unexpectedly and deeply moved — not [Read More...]

Hollywood Tramples My Childhood. Again.


Since we appear to be delving back into my cherished childhood memories this week, I think it only appropriate to bring the following story to your attention. It caught mine — attention, that is; or throat, maybe — when it appeared in my DefinitelyNotGoogleReader™ a few days ago: Encyclopedia Brown is getting the big-screen treatment. …Warner Bros. [Read More...]

‘Tis the Music Dreams Are Made Of


My first brush with the legend of Scheherazade was a beautifully-illustrated, age-appropriate adaptation I found on the bookshelves of my childhood home. I was hooked, and instantly. There was something so exotic, so intoxicating about the stories and their settings — and the episodic (even unconnected) nature of the narrative — that my young love [Read More...]

Flight of the Navigator — Family Movie Night


The Story: Young David Freeman vanishes late one evening in 1978. He reappears eight years later at the exact location of his initial disappearance, seemingly unharmed. Only he hasn’t aged a single day. Meanwhile, NASA discovers a mysterious UFO tangled in high-tension power lines. Coincidence? The Stars: Joey Cramer, Paul Reubens, Howard Hesseman Release Date: 1986 Rating: PG [Read More...]

Stubbornly Hand-Drawn


Earlier this month, long-time Disney animator Nik Ranieri (whose nearly quarter-century career was highlighted by his work on Lumiere and Kuzco) officially parted ways with The Walt Disney Company, joining the prestigious, ever-growing crowd of “High-Profile, Hand-Drawin’ Animators No Longer Employed by Disney.” On his Facebook page, Ranieri describes the last few years as “the most difficult of my career,” but his parting gift — [Read More...]

The Footfalls of Memory: T.S. Eliot Reads His Four Quartets


These two posts – featuring Flannery O’Connor and A.A. Milne reading their own material — are a few of my favorite things. So is this post, wherein Jeremy Irons performs T.S. Eliot’s bewildering masterpiece, “The Waste Land.” So you can just imagine how this recording makes me feel: Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future, [Read More...]

When Sports Worlds Collide


Over the past year or so, I’ve become quite a cricket fan. I’m firmly ensconced in amateur territory, of course — a fact that will probably never change — but I’m having a blast all the same. It’s a crazy, crazy game. (Also, yes. I was watching it before I got hooked on Downton. How [Read More...]

Stunning Aerial Photographs From A Commercial Airline Pilot


I stumbled across this guy a few hours ago. My mind is still blown. My name is Karim Nafatni. See the world through my eyes… I’m offering only a few mesmerizing samples because I’m never quite sure how much of someone’s work one can share before moving from “Check This Stunning Stuff Out” to “Look [Read More...]

OK Go Forth and Conquer


For those not yet familiar with OK Go, they’re an alternative rock band who exploded onto my radar a number of years ago as a result of their absurdly complex, gleefully imaginative music videos. “This Too Shall Pass,” for example, is a masterpiece of Goldbergian, single-take extravagance that must be seen to be believed — and [Read More...]