The Man Behind the Booth — Part II


“I like strange things with strong, unique voices.” — The second part of my lengthy conversation with Christopher “C.K.” Kubasik, whose The Booth at the End show is one of my favorite “accidental discoveries” in recent memory. Joseph Susanka: From Michael Eisner (who has produced both Booth seasons through his production companies, Tornante and Vuguru), to Xander Berkeley [Read More...]

Chandeliering: The Strangest Thing You’ll See Today


This is amazing. …and sort of creepy, especially if you watch as many sci-fi shows as I do. (Somewhere out there, Roland Emmerich is screaming “I told you so!” at the top of his lungs.) On a day in which spring made its return to Minnesota with a vengeance, Nadalie Thomas caught Old Man Winter [Read More...]

Wait. Are These Weeks Coming Two at a Time Now?


OK, so that’s a rhetorical question. But I can’t always tell… Take the last seven days in the Susanka household, for example. There was enough snow to warrant the cancellation of Son #2′s  and Son #3′s Little League practice. …and enough sun that they ended up practicing twice before they were through. I (happily, but time-consumingly) took part in [Read More...]

When Classical Stars Align


The brilliance of the stars plucked from the Classical Firmament for the creation of this video is mind-boggling. Daniel Barenboim, Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zukerman, Jacqueline du Pré, AND Zubin Mehta, you say? All in the same recording? And performing one of the greatest chamber works ever composed: Franz Schubert’s Quintet in A major, “The Trout?” [Read More...]

Ella, Enchanting


In honor of Ella Fitzgerald, the extraordinary artist whose birth is commemorated by today’s particularly charming Google Doodle, here’s a little bit o’ Ella and Mack: And Ella and Louis: Actually, just go here. And listen. And be entranced. Something about that particular doodle struck me when I saw it this morning. It’s unusual; almost 3D-ish. Which [Read More...]

The Man Behind the Booth — Part I


There are few things more enjoyable than stumbling across a great film or television show for the first time. Watching something you know you’re going to like is always a pleasure. But there’s a special brand of excitement that accompanies finding (and loving) something you didn’t even know existed. Recent instances of this phenomenon include the [Read More...]

“Howlin’ Ukuleles, Batman!”


This VOX Ukulele commercial is a ton of fun — partially because of the music, partially because of the performer, and partially because “UKULELES!” May it brighten your Tuesday as much as it has brightened mine.The fellow doing the pickin’ is Jack Mauro – the same guy who wrote and performs the song. And he’s got [Read More...]

Bizarre Baseball Happenings, As Always


I love collecting baseball oddities — a fact that helps to explain my extreme fondness for ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian and his fascinating Kurk-Gems segment from Baseball Tonight. And also helps explain why the past weekend was so much fun for this devoted Observer of the Wild and Wacky World of Baseball. On Thursday, Brewers’ SS Jean Segura turned [Read More...]

Reclaiming the Week, One Story at a Time


If you’re like me, this week has left you desperately searching for a silver lining or two in the midst of all these storm clouds. It’s not so much that I want (or hope) to find enough light in these recent (even ongoing) events to offset their darkness — though the heroism so often found [Read More...]

Milt Kahl’s Inimitable Swaggle


Thanks to our very own Tom McDonald (from God and the Machine) for this latest bit of Internet awesomeness: a post from Cartoon Brew’s Michael Ruocco on the fascinating phenomenon known as “The Milt Kahl Head Swaggle.” Like a signature, each animator has their own little quirks or trademarks that distinguish their animation from others. Some draw character’s [Read More...]