Ella, Enchanting


In honor of Ella Fitzgerald, the extraordinary artist whose birth is commemorated by today’s particularly charming Google Doodle, here’s a little bit o’ Ella and Mack: And Ella and Louis: Actually, just go here. And listen. And be entranced. Something about that particular doodle struck me when I saw it this morning. It’s unusual; almost 3D-ish. Which [Read More...]

The Man Behind the Booth — Part I


There are few things more enjoyable than stumbling across a great film or television show for the first time. Watching something you know you’re going to like is always a pleasure. But there’s a special brand of excitement that accompanies finding (and loving) something you didn’t even know existed. Recent instances of this phenomenon include the [Read More...]

“Howlin’ Ukuleles, Batman!”


This VOX Ukulele commercial is a ton of fun — partially because of the music, partially because of the performer, and partially because “UKULELES!” May it brighten your Tuesday as much as it has brightened mine.The fellow doing the pickin’ is Jack Mauro – the same guy who wrote and performs the song. And he’s got [Read More...]

Bizarre Baseball Happenings, As Always


I love collecting baseball oddities — a fact that helps to explain my extreme fondness for ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian and his fascinating Kurk-Gems segment from Baseball Tonight. And also helps explain why the past weekend was so much fun for this devoted Observer of the Wild and Wacky World of Baseball. On Thursday, Brewers’ SS Jean Segura turned [Read More...]

Reclaiming the Week, One Story at a Time


If you’re like me, this week has left you desperately searching for a silver lining or two in the midst of all these storm clouds. It’s not so much that I want (or hope) to find enough light in these recent (even ongoing) events to offset their darkness — though the heroism so often found [Read More...]

Milt Kahl’s Inimitable Swaggle


Thanks to our very own Tom McDonald (from God and the Machine) for this latest bit of Internet awesomeness: a post from Cartoon Brew’s Michael Ruocco on the fascinating phenomenon known as “The Milt Kahl Head Swaggle.” Like a signature, each animator has their own little quirks or trademarks that distinguish their animation from others. Some draw character’s [Read More...]

It’s Time for Baseball! And Winter!


Last week’s unexpectedly robust storm cast a whitish pall over my sons’ impending Little League season. Last night’s snowfall — again, robust — challenged my hopeful suggestion to my baseball-starved sons that the past week was an isolated incident. And the white stuff that continues to fall outside my window has finally convinced me that [Read More...]

No Commentary Necessary — Bach-Rostropovich Edition


On days like this, when my jangled soul needs soothing, I often find myself turning to Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suites, as interpreted by the incomparable Mstislav Rostropovich. I don’t quite know why the sound of the cello is so calming to me — and calming it is, even when Rostropovich is performing at his technically-masterful-but-breakneck pace, e.g. [Read More...]

Reflecting on Time with XKCD


I suspect I’m a couple weeks late on this one. But it’s simply too much fun for me to pass up. So, for those of you who have actually been paying attention to the InterWebs over the last few days, please move along. (Also, since it’s almost impossible for me to imagine a world in [Read More...]

Snow Days, Wyoming Style


So… …we may have gotten a bit more snow during the night than we were anticipating. And it’s still coming down. I’m not sure of the official numbers yet, but my unofficial measuring system puts this one in the “world o’hurt, shoveling-wise” category. Firmly. In fact, we might be lookin’ at the largest single-storm accumulation [Read More...]