Remember “Johnny Shiloh?”

HE WAS QUITE THE YOUNG SCALLYWAG: and he served in the Military well beyond the Civil War [Read more...]

Back From Beige!

WELCOME TO THE LITURGY: What I learned is that liturgy connects us to a history of people reflecting on the meaning of Jesus’ life and work. It challenges us to see the world as the place where God’s kingdom is unfolding right now, but which summons us from our slumber to help make it happen. [Read More...]

Catholic Digest Makeover

NEW LOOK NEW EDITOR: Congrats to Danielle Bean! [Read more...]

Bad Catholic

HE REALLY IS A Brilliant little scrapper [Read more...]

Muslim Students Defend CUA

THE PROBLEM IS NOT WITH THE STUDENTS:: “Neither me nor any Muslim student I know has ever filed a complaint against CUA for any reason,” said sophomore biomedical engineering major Alawiyah Al Hashem. “I haven’t seen any actions taken by the university or any of its students that would justify doing so.” [...] “It is [Read More...]

Thanks for stopping by?

CARA EXAMINES: effectiveness of “Catholics Come Home”. Why do I think the “visits” may be connected to the dullness of the preaching? And so-so catechesis. And the music. They come home to that music! [Read more...]

In an age of unbelief

ARCHBISHOP CHARLES CHAPUT on being human in this age [Read more...]

Religion Hates Science — oh, wait!

VATICAN TO HOLD STEM CELL CONFERENCE: NeoStem and the Pontifical Council for Culture hope to raise awareness about therapeutic advances in adult stem cell research. [Read more...]

The Fighting Irish!

PAT MCNAMARA DOES THIS SO WELL: Fr. Duffy and the Fighting 69th — share with someone for Veteran’s Day! [Read more...]

The Politics of Corporatism

PRESIDENT GOLDMAN SACHS?: Just as clericalism damaged Catholicism, corporatism has damaged capitalism and perverted our political process. [Read more...]