The God of Second Chances

BECAUSE OFTEN WE ARE TOO STUPID: to do the right thing the first time. [Read more...]

Retro Cool

RE-IMAGINING THE CELL PHONE: I like this one [Read more...]

Papa Confessor & Social Mediator

KEEPING AN EAR TO THE GROUND AND THE TIMES: In Madrid for World Youth Day, the pope will hear confessions. He is also handing out some very wise advise about Twitter and social media! [Read more...]

Tattoo You?

IS GETTING A TATTOO SINFUL? Well, it depends! [Read more...]

Do You Have $20 to Spare?

AN ALTERNATE PLAN: You can spend your money drinking horse semen or you can actually do some good with it. Thank God for choices. [Read more...]

The Five-legged Turkey

NUNS HAVING FUN: I do love this community! [Read more...]

When there are just too many good things to link to:

NEW ADVENT: Just go to your happy place and click away! [Read more...]

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Family

PRETTY REMARKABLE CREW: as Pat McNamara demonstrates [Read more...]

College Drinking, Sex, Friendship?

IT’S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT: Tim Muldoon on why it is important that CUA is re-embracing same-sex dorms [Read more...]

Flashy Patriotism!

PENN & TELLER: Burning the flag, because they can! [Read more...]