Obama “Made it Worse”?

JAMES PETHOKOUKIS: Obama made it worse: Elections have results. So do bad policies. Obama’s choices on taxing and spending and regulating, sorry to say, seem to have made things worse. [Read more...]

“You are who you walk with”

MOTHERS ALWAYS KNOW: We’re walking with virtual strangers into a re-imagined world—one where everyone is a friend and where anybody can be related to anyone, in any way they want, for whatever reason they want. What was sure is uncertain, and what seemed logical and true can now be molded into whatever shape we find [Read More...]

Church, Apps, New Media

HAVING ALREADY READ PRAISE FOR THE BOOK, now you can watch the trailer. Yes, books have trailers, now! [Read more...]

SOLT Shakers, Corapi’s Flavor

SOLT RELEASES STATMENT ON CORAPI: I hope they can back up their claims, or this thing will get even uglier. [Read more...]

Nothing trivial or mean, and no petty grievances.

SOUNDS OF SUMMER SILENCE: Bright words, and a pure-voiced Sam Cooke. What a treat! [Read more...]

4 Cool things about a Cardinal

SCOLA AND THE BAVARIAN OPIE: “Scola is said to have helped inspire Benedict to found the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization. That is, he was bold enough in his thinking to re-envision Europe as mission territory. The global South and East ain’t broke, so there’s no need to fix them; a man who’se [Read More...]

An American Atheocracy

AMERICA’S PRACTICAL ATHEISM: “Unfortunately, in our day, those “decrying the Christian religion” have seized the captain’s seat in America—in the academy, the media, the government and courts. The result is a kind of publicly enforced religious indifferentism, or what recent Popes have called “practical atheism.” The Constitution insists that no religious test shall ever be [Read More...]

The God of Second Chances

BECAUSE OFTEN WE ARE TOO STUPID: to do the right thing the first time. [Read more...]

Retro Cool

RE-IMAGINING THE CELL PHONE: I like this one [Read more...]

Papa Confessor & Social Mediator

KEEPING AN EAR TO THE GROUND AND THE TIMES: In Madrid for World Youth Day, the pope will hear confessions. He is also handing out some very wise advise about Twitter and social media! [Read more...]