Science Finds Saddest Film of All Time

AND IT’S A REAL WEEPER: The Champ with Jon Voight and a heartbreaking Ricky Schroder. Watch the clip if you dare. And here’s a pdf of the whole study. [Read more...]

Too Hot!

BRING THE POOL INSIDE! where it’s cool! [Read more...]

Iced Coffee – You Know You Want It

IN THE BLISTERING HEAT Nothing is more refreshing! [Read more...]

Here, There and Everywhere

IT’S EASIER TO YELL: but it’s poor evangelization [Read more...]


PEACE OF MIND: who needs it? [Read more...]

Elmer Gantry or Sister Sharon?

JOSEPH SUSANKA WATCHES ELMER GANTRY: and finds himself thinking about John Corapi [Read more...]

You Want Healing?

FORGIVENESS BRINGS IT and really, so does confession [Read more...]

A Catholic Writer’s Retreat

IF YOU’RE NEAR MICHIGAN: wonderful-sounding retreat given by our own Pat Gohn [Read more...]

That’s not how it goes!

COFFEE, TEA or i-c-e-d c-o-f-f-e-e? Yeeeehaw! [Read more...]

Next Up: Polygamy

AND THEY SAID IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN! Imagine that. [Read more...]