Do You Have $20 to Spare?

AN ALTERNATE PLAN: You can spend your money drinking horse semen or you can actually do some good with it. Thank God for choices. [Read more...]

The Five-legged Turkey

NUNS HAVING FUN: I do love this community! [Read more...]

When there are just too many good things to link to:

NEW ADVENT: Just go to your happy place and click away! [Read more...]

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Family

PRETTY REMARKABLE CREW: as Pat McNamara demonstrates [Read more...]

College Drinking, Sex, Friendship?

IT’S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT: Tim Muldoon on why it is important that CUA is re-embracing same-sex dorms [Read more...]

Flashy Patriotism!

PENN & TELLER: Burning the flag, because they can! [Read more...]

Mind, Body, Spirit of God

THE SUBLIME LOGIC OF THE TRINITY: Pat Gohn with some great catechesis. Also, don’t miss this week’s Among Women Podcast, which features the sublime St. Teresa of Avila! [Read more...]

Corapi Announcement Announced

ANNOUNCING A PENDING ANNOUNCEMENT: Recently, Fr. Corapi held an internal office meeting and informed us that he is “not extinguished!” He expressed his continued desire to help deliver a message of hope to those who seek it and he informed us that by this weekend he will have a “very important announcement” that he plans [Read More...]

Pan-Christian Book on Mary

MARY: NOT JUST FOR CATHOLICS: Pat Gohn mentions The Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary (“an international organization that works to promote greater understanding and dialogue of the significance of the Blessed Virgin Mary between Christian and non-Christian religions”) and features a new book of collected scholarly essays, Mary; for the Love and Glory [Read More...]

Daddy’s Little Girl

FATHERS DAY GIFT IDEAS: from a father who knows what matters. And what is it with all of these patheos writers? Why are all of their kids so cute? [Read more...]