The Credentialed Gentry

TO CATHOLIC SINGLES: STAY SELFISH: worrying whether the church fall prey to society’s mania for credentialing everyone [Read more...]

Not Ashamed of Jesus

PATRICIA HEATON LOVES JESUS and she doesn’t care who knows it. A really interesting exchange between the actress and Adam Corolla, who appears to be an atheist because he’d rather not be challenged. I plan to write more about this on my blog, someday but for now you’ll want to read it all. [Read more...]

Leading by Euphemism

LEADING BY EUPHEMISM: Mil Personnel Give CIC Lower Marks. Possibly they’d feel better if their war labors were not identified as “kinetic military actions” and if their dead were identified primarily as US Military personnel rather than “NATO troops” and “International Security Assistance Force Members.” Little things mean a lot. Words, and stuff. [Read more...]

Walk this Way?

WALK THIS WAY? Or run the other way! [Read more...]

IMAGINE BEING the thirsty guy watching this [Read more...]

Bright Light!

Bright Light! Bright Light! [Read more...]

The Champeen!

AND THIS IS WHY Glenn Reynolds rules, and the rest of us are mere pikers. Very cute. (And thanks, Glenn!) [Read more...]

Rights vs Sentiments

FREEDOM OF RELIGION: Via New Advent, seems the Constitutional right for a religion to freely be itself continues to face opposition from people sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Call it Sentimentalism Playing Offense, with lots of stepped-up battles to come. [Read more...]

Memorial Day

MEMORIAL DAY: Old Men, Deserving of Gratitude. Some women, too! [Read more...]


THE PRICE OF LONE-WOLFDOM: Heather King is signing off from her wonderful Patheos column, A Book of Sparks with a typically thoughtful exposition on the joys of books! She parts on great terms and explains why she has left and what feeds or detracts from the writer’s life. Someone with my craving for attention gets [Read More...]