A Catholic Writer’s Retreat

IF YOU’RE NEAR MICHIGAN: wonderful-sounding retreat given by our own Pat Gohn [Read more...]

That’s not how it goes!

COFFEE, TEA or i-c-e-d c-o-f-f-e-e? Yeeeehaw! [Read more...]

Next Up: Polygamy

AND THEY SAID IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN! Imagine that. [Read more...]


IT’S THE NEW “RACIST”: George Weigel writes:“. . . crying “homophobia” is a cheap calumny, a crypto-totalitarian bully’s smear that impresses no serious person.” But serious people may be at a premium, these days. [Read more...]

You Want Scandal? We’ve got it!

IN TERMS OF SCALE: There’s just no comparison [Read more...]

MilPriest American Saint?

BEATIFICATION CAUSE GOES TO ROME: Fr. Emil Kapaun, Military Chaplain, Korea: He courageously rescued wounded soldiers from the battlefield, risking his own life to prevent their execution at the hands of the Chinese. He was captured by North Korean and Communist Chinese forces after he volunteered to stay behind on a battlefield with the injured. [Read More...]

Hambone, hambone have you heard?

MAX LINDENMAN: What creates hambone priests? [Read more...]

Obama “Made it Worse”?

JAMES PETHOKOUKIS: Obama made it worse: Elections have results. So do bad policies. Obama’s choices on taxing and spending and regulating, sorry to say, seem to have made things worse. [Read more...]

“You are who you walk with”

MOTHERS ALWAYS KNOW: We’re walking with virtual strangers into a re-imagined world—one where everyone is a friend and where anybody can be related to anyone, in any way they want, for whatever reason they want. What was sure is uncertain, and what seemed logical and true can now be molded into whatever shape we find [Read More...]

Church, Apps, New Media

HAVING ALREADY READ PRAISE FOR THE BOOK, now you can watch the trailer. Yes, books have trailers, now! [Read more...]