Weiner: A Product of Our Times

TOM HOOPES: writing at NRO’s The Corner, says Anthony Weiner is nothing more or less than a man of the era. How sad is that? [Read more...]

Easy Listening

AMONG WOMEN: Pat Gohn’s excellent “Among Women” podcasts exploring faith from the feminine perspective celebrates it’s 100th Episode with special guest, Mariologist and theologian, Dr. Virginia Kimball. Her 99th episode, was pretty terrific, too [Read more...]

To Catch a Catholic Creep

THE CHILD PORN WAS A GIVEAWAY: Max Lindenman looks at another Epic Bishop Fail when failure is not and should never have been an option. Bishop Finn may indeed be a very good man, but any bishop who is not exquisitely sensitive to this issue, at this point, is betraying an astounding lack of understanding. [Read More...]

So is this bio-terrorism?

EU-E-COLI:Was it Bioengineered to produce human fatalities? [Read more...]

Just in Time for Summer Tees

MAKING SHORT WORK OF A DULL JOB: in just seconds [Read more...]

Shh, Listen! Can You Hear It?

“THIS YOUNG LIFE, COMPLETELY GIVEN OVER TO LOVE bears the fragrance of Christ,” The 15 year-old who once told Gunter Grass that truth was not relative, that indeed there is “only one truth,” tells the kids in Croatia,who greeted him like a rock star in Croatia, “. . .these words, this question reaches beyond time [Read More...]

Professors Behaving Poorly

LASHING OUT AT CONSERVATIVE STUDENTS: It just doesn’t sound all that liberal and open-minded, or you know, tolerant. [Read more...]

Ask Barack

YOUR HOUSEHOLD PROBLEMS: Instantly solved! [Read more...]

Disney Feeds His Force

DEACON GREG: The man just can’t get enough whimsy! But if the fruits of his distraction lead to this, I say BRING ON THE PIXIE DUST! [Read more...]

“My wonder has definitely been stirred…”

BRANDON VOGT: What I’ve Learned from Pope Benedict: As only a poet could, Pope Benedict has also helped me to imagine the possibilities of New Media. When discussing these tools, the Pope says, “new horizons are now open that were, until recently, unimaginable…they stir our wonder at the possibilities.” And as Gregory of Nyssa is [Read More...]