Kershaw’s Historic Night


So, Dodger ace (and all-around good guy) Clayton Kershaw threw a no-hitter last night. (Against the Rockies, which means my account had me blacked me out for most of the game. Because Wyoming. …though they relented when things got REALLY interesting.) It was probably the best pitching performance I’ve ever seen (on TV). Clayton [Read More...]

Andy Lee’s Incredible Infrared Images of Iceland


A couple of days ago, I stumbled across the astonishing imagery of UK-based photographer Andy “Large Welsh fella with camera” Lee: Infrared and Iceland, a match made in heaven. “A match made in Heaven,” he says? Hard to argue with these results. These particularly images come from a pair of Lee’s Iceland-centric portfolios — Iceland [Read More...]

Copland’s Old American Songs


Love these. That phrase could be interpreted either as a (grammatically questionable) description of my emotional response to Aaron Copland’s 1950′s-era arrangement of these ten classic American songs, or as a command. Which is fine. Either — in fact, both– will do. The choral versions are also fun, though a little too …cluttered for my [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “The Incredible Marrec”


The boys and I managed to squeeze in a bit of fishing this weekend. Once the snow stopped (because Wyoming.) We didn’t catch anything, though. Well, not yet, anyway. There was a fish that came close to Mark the Third’s line at one point, though. So there’s a decent chance we’ll have caught something by [Read More...]

Stepping Away For a Few


That’s me to a T. Not calm. Not lately. Luckily, this is Wyoming. And it’s not winter. So I’m goin’ fishing. With the entire family. …which might not help. But, still. Try to behave while I’m gone. More anon. [Read more...]

Streaming Suggestion: “Sneakers”


Heist films are quite an interesting little genre, with a long and storied history, and an intriguing set of commonly-present story elements and genre rules. They’re often elaborate, twisty, morally …imprecise, and (very often) a ton of fun. In related news, Sneakers is streaming on NETFLIX INSTANT and YOUTUBE($). When shadowy U.S. intelligence agents blackmail a reformed computer [Read More...]

Dipped in Magic Waters


I’m not the world’s greatest Field of Dreams fan. I’ve enjoyed it pretty much every time I’ve seen it, and I’m glad for its fame. I’m even planning to celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary Year with a re-viewing or two. But if I’m honest with myself, I find that I’ve always enjoyed the idea of the story [Read More...]

Just Jim Dale (And That’s Just Fine)


Unless you are a fervent fan(atic) of Dr. Terminus (as I am) or a dedicated devotee of Broadway’s “Barnum” (which I am not, though I’m thinking of changing that as a result of this post), hearing the name “Jim Dale” probably doesn’t bring a face immediately to mind. In fact, I’m guessing the vast majority of [Read More...]

“The Ransom of Red Chief”


I received your letter to-day by post, in regard to the ransom you ask for the return of my son. I think you are a little high in your demands, and I hereby make you a counter-proposition, which I am inclined to believe you will accept. You bring Johnny home and pay me two hundred [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Chinti”


In my ongoing, often gleeful trek through the Land of Shorts, I sometimes find myself so blown away by the technical brilliance of what I’m watching that I lose track of (and don’t even really care) what the “point” of the short is. I’m not saying that’s a good (or a bad) thing. Just reporting. [Read More...]