Archives for July 2010

Craig Detweiler Reviews Paul Verhoeven’s “Jesus of Nazareth”

{Paul Verhoeven. Jesus of Nazareth. Seven Stories Press 2010. 304 pages. $23.95} Reviewed by Craig Detweiler Imagine this movie trailer:  from the director of ”Showgirls” and “Basic Instinct” comes his most revealing project yet—“RoboJesus.”   One might expect such a seemingly absurd tagline from provocative Danish filmmaker, Paul Verhoeven.    Instead, Verhoeven has written a smart, rigorous [Read More…]

Elizabeth Scalia Reviews James Martin’s “Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything”

{James Martin. The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life. HarperOne 2010. 432 pages.  $26.99} Reviewed by Elizabeth Scalia As Bill Creed, a Jesuit spiritual director, once told me, “In the bright sunshine of God’s love, your shadows begin to emerge.” — James Martin, The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything; A Spirituality for [Read More…]

Martha Baker Reviews “Connecting Like Jesus”

{Tony Campolo and Mary Albert Darling. Connecting Like Jesus: Practices for Healing, Teaching, and Preaching. Jossey-Bass. 232 pages. $21.95} Reviewed by Martha K. Baker Tony Campolo and Mary Albert Darling set out to write Connecting Like Jesus to prove that “relationships can be radically transformed through integrating communication practices with spiritual practices.” They succeed. In Connecting Like Jesus, [Read More…]

Jim Burklo Reviews “The Shack”

{William P. Young. The Shack. Windblown Media. 256 pages. $14.99 pb} Reviewed by Jim Burklo I’m a few years late reading The Shack by William P. Young (Windblown Media, 2007), which made a big splash in the world of evangelical Christians.  On vacation now, I took the time to read it, and it surprised me [Read More…]