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Prothero’s God is Too Small

“As a theologian myself, I am inclined toward the larger questions that Prothero avoids. I will grant that given the immense diversity of our pluralistic world, we need to be honest about the major differences between religious traditions, and I applaud Prothero’s ongoing project of combating religious illiteracy. Nevertheless, after finishing his book, I was left wanting a larger framework for reflecting on how all the religious differences hang together.” Pastor Carl Gregg joins our blogger roundtable on “God Is Not One.” [Read more…]

God is not one … no really, God is NOT one

“I find it amusing that following the selection of Stephen Prothero’s God Is Not One, some Christian writers have scurried to assure people that he doesn’t really mean that. Of course God is One!” Pagan Portal Manager Star Foster offers a passionate response to our bloggers’ reviews of God Is Not One, by Stephen Prothero. [Read more…]

God IS One: Theology Prof Bruce Epperly Takes On Prothero’s “God Is Not One”

“I fundamentally agree with Prothero’s thesis that religions are manifold; but as a theologian, I take a slightly different path that embraces both the kataphatic and apophatic aspects of religious experience — the affirmation that God is revealed in all things and can be symbolized by many things, while being more than anything we can imagine.” Progressive Christian Bruce Epperly on the book God Is Not One. [Read more…]

Muslim Blogger Hussein Rashid on “God Is Not One”

“While the book actually does serve as a good survey book of various religious traditions, I want to focus on his Islam chapter. Because the chapter is so strong, I want to highlight some of the outstanding points he makes, and point out some minor criticisms.” Our blogger roundtable on God Is Not One continues with Hussein Rashid… [Read more…]

Rival Religions? Hindu blogger Padma Kuppa responds to “God is Not One”

“The hardest part of reading this book for me came not as a Hindu, but as an interfaith activist.” Hindu blogger Padma Kuppa is the next responder in the Patheos Book Club blogger roundtable on “God is Not One.” [Read more…]

Christian Blogger Amy Julia Becker on “God Is Not One”

“I had five roommates my freshman year of college. Three of them were Jewish. And one was more involved in Jewish student life than the rest. So one night, I asked her if she’d be interested in a conversation to compare our religious beliefs. I was cross-legged on the bed. She pulled the chair out from my desk and turned to face me. “Let’s start with the basics,” I said. “What do you believe about God?” Our blogger roundtable on God Is Not One continues with a review by Amy Julia Becker, author and blogger at Thin Places.
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God is Not One: Useful to Pagans and Polytheists? P. Sufenas Virius Lupus responds…

“For those of you who are scoffing at this type of perennialist thinking, and who are hard polytheists and the like, I’d invite you to take a step further and start looking at your own vocabulary: how often do you speak in terms of “the divine” or “deity”? While that’s not as egregious as saying “We’re all one,” nonetheless, it buys into what is ultimately a monistic understanding of divinities and divine realms and realities.” Our second blogger reflects on Stephen Prothero’s book God Is Not One. [Read more…]