October Book Club Pick: God Is Not One by Stephen Prothero

“This book could well be the most highly readable, accurate, and up-to-date introduction to the world’s major religions. It does so by avoiding either polemics or the naive equating of them all as merely different paths to the same summit. Prothero faces the real differences among them squarely, but demonstrates how these differences can enrich, not prevent, dialogue and cooperation.”       – Harvey Cox, author of The Future of Faith

We’re excited to announce our October Book Club Pick of the Month:  Stephen Prothero’s best-selling God Is Not One.  At the new Patheos Book Club, you’ll find many resources for deeper reading, including an overview of the book and authoran excerpt from the book, interviews with the author, discussion questions for the book, religious literacy quizzes and links to more resources for learning and exploring the themes in the book.

Also next week, we’ll begin our Blogger Roundtable*, featuring nearly a dozen bloggers from different faith traditions responding to the book, and raising one relevant question for Prothero to answer right here on Take & Read.

So grab a copy of God Is Not One (or read an excerpt) and get ready to join the conversation next week at the Patheos Book Club!

Blogger Roundtable Participants:

Peter Wallace, Day1.org (Monday, Oct. 11)

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, Aedicula Antinoi: A Small Shrine of Antinuous (Monday, Oct. 11)

Julie Davis, The Happy Catholic (Tuesday, Oct. 12)

David Crumm, Read the Spirit

Andrew Tatusko, Notes from Off-Center

Padma Kuppa, padmakuppa.blogspot.com (Thursday, Oct.14)

Bruce Epperly, Faith Forward

Jana Riess, Flunking Sainthood (Thursday, Oct. 14)

Hussein Rashid, www.husseinrashid.com

Amy Julia Becker, Thin Places (Friday, Oct. 15)

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