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A Saint’s Heart Melts Like Butter

“Be Love Now makes saints out of its readers. My heart flowed like melted butter while reading Ram Dass’ stories of the bliss he felt in the presence of his guru.” Jim Burklo, a progressive Christian pastor reviews Ram Dass’ new book. [Read more…]

Funny About That!

It’s so frustratingly perfect that Maharaj-ji would constantly reply to queries with “love people. feed people. remember God.” I can see it now – all of these smart westerners coming to him with all of these complicated problems and questions and then he would just look at you and say that. Over and over again. Ram ram ram ram ram. Over and over again. Ram ram ram ram. [Read more…]

A Round Trip Ticket To Ride

I’ve been reading Be Love Now and I love the way Ram Dass is revisiting his early experiences with Maharajji, looking back at the beginning, filling in the blanks in between the layers of the stories we’ve heard before. When I think about those first awful weeks after his massive stroke, when we didn’t know how much brain function he would recover and the prognosis looked grim, and then read the way his memories pour out in the new book, I’m so grateful for the round trip Ram Dass been able to make. [Read more…]

Ram Dass and “Jesus as Guru”

“In our age that so frequently worships perpetual adolescence, Ram Dass’ work is a welcome contrast. His book’s principle strength is that it reflects his long life of regular spiritual practice. As an almost-octogenarian, Ram Dass’ most-recent reflections have a gravitas that wasn’t possible when he was forty years younger.” Christian Pastor and Spiritual Director Carl Gregg offers our first post in our Blogger Roundtable on this month’s featured book selection, Be Love Now, by Ram Dass. [Read more…]

Contemplations from Ram Dass

This week, we launch the new featured selection of the Patheos Book Club: Be Love Now, by Ram Dass. In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting reflections from a variety of bloggers about the book and “the path of the heart” that has been Dass’ spiritual journey. Today, we share some contemplations from Ram Dass as a way of introducing our featured book. [Read more…]