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A Journey Worth Taking

Author Brent Landau gives the reader something she or he hasn’t had before in Revelation of the Magi; a first person account of God appearing in all sorts of ways to all sorts of people. This is a far more inclusive God than Christians might be accustomed to, a God who is incarnate and not choosey about where, when, and to whom God appears, a God who is incarnate in “unspeakable forms.” Editor-in-Chief of the Spiritual Book Club, Susan Baller-Shepard, joins the blogger roundtable on Revelation of the Magi.
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The Bright Light of the Magi

“What does it mean for one to never walk in darkness, but have the light of life? Even now, fathoming a light brighter than the sun is difficult but not impossible if we have trust and faith, like that of the Magi.” Guest blogger Angelica Nohemi Quinonez joins our roundtable on the new book, Revelation of the Magi. [Read more…]

Revelation of the Magi Makes the Heart Soar

In recommending Brent Landau’s Revelation of the Magi (excerpted here) to others, I have referred to it as “a fast read that makes the heart soar,” and the book is certainly that; the illustrations are fascinating and enlightening, and the prose-voice praising God is not just lyrical, it is hypnotically joyful. Elizabeth Scalia of The Anchoress blog joins the blogger roundtable on this month’s featured book. [Read more…]

Magi Author Responds to Scot McKnight

I was delighted to read Scot McKnight’s review of my book on the Revelation of the Magi; it is one of the first genuinely scholarly responses to this project, and I am very grateful for the feedback of such a respected scholar in the field of New Testament and early Christian studies. I would like to use this opportunity to reply to McKnight’s main criticisms of my arguments concerning the text. [Read more…]

Gift of the Magi

Our blogger roundtable on Revelation of the Magi continues with a review by Amy Julia Becker of Thin Places. Becker raises two questions about the text for author Brent Landau at the end of her review; his responses follow.
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Scot McKnight on Revelation of the Magi

This fictional tale, which I found to be a fascinating and fun read, is absorbed with light and with the magi’s star and with the East and a place called Shir. It also concerns the history of the magi — a group that descends from the story of Seth in Genesis. And it’s a story of a mountain and a cave, a cave like the one in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. It is a story of promise that they would someday see a star and that star would lead them to Bethlehem. It’s quite fantastical and fun. [Read more…]

How Would You Preach from “Revelation of the Magi?” & Other Questions

How would you preach on a text from the Revelation of the Magi? Were there other forgotten manuscripts in the Vatican? As part of our blogger roundtable on this month’s featured book, Revelation of the Magi, we invited several bloggers to submit questions for author Brent Landau’s response. [Read more…]