Mobilizing Hope

Former White House Fellow Adam Taylor used to think he was born in the wrong time. Mesmerized by the courageous example of Christians in the civil rights movement, he set out to understand how God might be calling him to seek justice in his own context.

His new book, Mobilizing Hope: Faith-Inspired Activism For A Post-Civil Rights Generation, is a practical and compelling guide for Christians to address the root causes of injustice. He offers skills and methods for impacting change in today’s political environment and shares how to develop effective campaigns that result in concrete improvement in people’s lives—while also transforming broken politics.

Mobilizing Hope is a primer, a handbook, an inspirational memoir and a framework for putting your faith into action. Join us here at the Take & Read blog the next two weeks as we share stories and conversations about what it mean to mobilize hope in this generation, in this time.

Visit the Patheos Book Club for more resources on Mobilizing Hope, including a book excerpt and author Q&A, here.

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