Digging into the Story of Scripture

This blogpost is part of a conversation on “the holy imagination” hosted at the Patheos Book Club blog, to coincide with the release of songwriter Michael Card’s new book, Luke: The Gospel of Amazement.

I was blessed to have grown up with a dad who teaches and loves the Bible.  Asking my dad questions about the bible was the key to engaging with him, and guaranteed a dynamic conversation, complete with gestures.  He always took time to establish context, and encouraged me to think about the emotional implications hidden in the Hebrew texts.  I have a memory of asking him about the difference between Israel and Judah, the kingdom divided, and his going back to Solomon, and then back to the Judges, and then back to the Exodus, and then back to creation!  How could I understand the kingdoms of Rehoboem and Jerehboem without understanding the whole story?  And what a story!  The bible is, first and foremost, a story – my story, presented in pieces of poetry, prose, historical records, letters, prophetic declarations, and journals – inspired by God, written by humans – all revealing one story of God’s interaction with mankind.

Sara Groves is a Christian singer/songwriter. Visit her website at www.saragroves.com.

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