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Sociologist Joel Best on the “Upside” of Today’s News

“Assuming that everything’s lousy and getting worse can make us feel hopeless, that there’s no point in trying to improve things. In contrast, understanding that the world has improved in many ways, and thinking critically about what remains to be done, are more likely to foster progress.” Fellow sociologist Joel Best on Brad Wright’s new book, “Upside: Surprising Good News About The State of the World.”
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Scot McKnight and Tim Challies on “Radical Together”

Scot McKnight critiques Tim Challies’ recent review of David Platt’s new book “Radical Together: Unleashing the People of God for the Purpose of God.” [Read more…]

Radical Together: Changing the Way We “Do Church”

Where David Platt’s book “Radical” focused on changing the way we think about our lives as Christians, “Radical Together” focuses on changing the way we “do church.” I have often suspected that many of our churches aren’t the strongholds of the Gospel that they could be, but instead are mere country clubs with bad golf courses. Mr. Platt’s new book confirms that in spades and suggests a model that is not only more effective but is also more consistent with the Gospel itself. [Read more…]

Radical Togetherness, Everyday

“Radical togetherness: I’m sure many people are way, way better at whatever that means than I am. But in the midst of this world, in the midst of a day like today, maybe it’s less about trying to be radical than just trying to stay alive and faithful and loving and human in the midst of all this.” Kent Annan of Haiti Partners reflects on David Platt’s new book “Radical Together.” [Read more…]

Radical Together: Challenging Words for the Church

In his new book Radical Together, mega-church pastor David Platt reached out from every page to jab me hard on the chest – and I didn’t like that. My self-centeredness got power-sanded at every turn and the grinder had six different grades of grit. [Read more…]

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Radical Together: Are Conservative Churches Getting Radical?

Young believers committed to radical discipleship and sacrificial service to the poor and the lost have too long felt – and too often experienced – that there is no place within conservative Christendom for them to live out their vision of what it means to be followers of Jesus. Platt’s books address this audience. [Read more…]

Mother Teresa, CEO: The Language of Love

As a part of the current Book Club, featuring the book “Mother Teresa, CEO,” I was asked to comment upon one of the leadership principles the book discusses, “communicate in a language people understand.” My children have been my teachers. [Read more…]