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A Spiritual Trellis

One of the greatest strengths in Christine Valters Paintner’s new book, The Arist’s Rule, is the multi-traditional offerings alongside a clear identity in a long-rooted tradition of faith. [Read more…]

Leaving the Good Behind for the Better: A Review of Radical Together

A critical skill for Christian maturity is discerning between the “good” (those tasks that need to be done, but that are not necessarily tasks to which God is calling or equipping me or my group to do) and the “better/best” (those tasks that God is particular calling and equipping me or my group to do). [Read more…]

Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom

As I work my way through “The Artist’s Rule,” I realize that what I am finding meaningful at this moment, is not what the author has written but somehow the vibes of how it is written. The book is engaging in a roomy way. [Read more…]

The Taming of Envy Begins with God

Situated among peers who have more or look better, we cannot fail to compare and to brood over the differences. But this comparing, as Matthew Levering points out in his The Betrayal of Charity: The Sins that Sabotage Divine Love, need not destroy us. There is a treatment. [Read more…]

Finding Sanctuary

“What I love most about Sweet Sanctuary is the truth that our true Sanctuary is found in God.” Author Tricia Goyer reflects on the new book by Sheila Walsh, Sweet Sanctuary. [Read more…]

Are We Dumber Than We Used To Be? Upside’s “Good News”

While some young Americans choose to invest their increased education on improving their video game scores rather than a career in politics or law, the bottom line is that today’s young people are smarter than at any point in American History. The same trend is taking place globally at varying levels, which has profound implications. [Read more…]

Charity Amidst the Ruins of Norway?

[Editor’s Note: This post by David Cloutier from the blog Catholic Moral Theology, is part of a roundtable hosted by the Patheos Book Club on the new book The Betrayal of Charity, by Matthew Levering.] St. John tells us that “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear” (1 Jn 4:18). One [Read More…]