Archives for September 2011

A Catholic Tourist’s Travel Guide for the Digital Continent

“Brandon Vogt is an intrepid tour guide in his new book, The Church and New Media, offering discovery of the first fruits of the new evangelization’s forays into new media.” Patheos Columnist Pat Gohn shares a review. [Read more…]

The Nature of Love is to Expand

Through it all, Amy Julia Becker’s new book demonstrates the nature of love – especially parental love – as the imperfect, hopeful, and expansive miracle that it is. [Read more…]

Camp Responds to Jason Byassee

Recently, Pastor and blogger Jason Byassee reviewed Lee Camp’s new book “Who Is My Enemy?” for the Patheos Book Club and asked some pointed questions of the author. Here, Camp generously responds. [Read more…]

Emir Abd el-Kader: Really A Role Model for Today?

What is needed now is leaders who can see beyond the us versus them, beyond my group and your group, my rights and theirs, to a worldcentric worldview. Only that kind of leadership has even a chance to sustain a new level of peace. [Read more…]

A Good and Perfect Gift: Q&A with Author Amy Julia Becker

“A Good and Perfect Gift” is the story of a young couple coming to terms with their first-born child being different than they anticipated, and eventually receiving that child as a precious gift. Read a Q&A with the author, Amy Julia Becker. [Read more…]

Who Is My Enemy?

There was a distinct moment when I went from liking “Who Is My Enemy?” to loving it. Peeking ahead I noticed the subhead, “You are doing the very same things.” Immediately I conjured an image… [Read more…]

Becoming American? Asks Good Questions

Becoming American? The Forging of Arab and Muslim Identity in Pluralist America is an important contribution and is suggestive of a growing subfield of study dedicated to the experience of American Muslims. [Read more…]