Between Heaven and Mirth Twitter Book Club Schedule

Need a little levity this holiday season?  This month, you’re invited to join the Patheos conversation on the lighter side of faith as we tweet through the new book Between Heaven and Mirth: Why Joy, Humor and Laughter Are at the Heart of the Spiritual Life, by Father James Martin.  Buy the book here.

It’s easy to join the Twitter Book Club  — just read the brief daily excerpt here, and then tweet a response or a question with the hashtag #patheosmirth. You can follow the whole Twitter conversation here:!/search/%23patheosmirth

And to make it even more fun, Fr. Martin will join the Twitter chat every few days to respond to a few of his favorite tweets.  If he responds to yours, you’ll be entered to win a copy of his book, just in time for Christmas.  So get ready to smile  … and tweet about Between Heaven and Mirth!  (And don’t forget to check out the Patheos Book Club for more great content, including a Q&A with Fr. Martin, videos and a blogger roundtable about the book.)

Twitter Book Club Schedule

  • 12/1:  Excerpt 1 –  Joy: pp.26-7
  • 12/2:  Excerpt 2 – Why So Gloomy? pp. 52-3
  • 12/5:  Excerpt 3 – Are the psalms too depressing? pp.62-3
  • 12/7 :  Excerpt 4 – Humor and the Saints  pp.70-71
  • 12/9:  Excerpt 5 – Humor evangelizes  pp.87-88
  • 12/12:  Excerpt 6 – Humor deepens our relationship with God  p.97-98
  • 12/14:  Excerpt 7 – Laughing in Church  pp.142 (Despite)-144 (end of top paragraph)
  • 12/16:  Excerpt 8 – Do I need to be happy all the time? pp. 171-top of 173
  • 12/19:  Excerpt 9 – I’m not a funny person pp. 180 to middle of 181
  • 12/21:  Excerpt 10 – What if I’m in a joyless environment? pp.188-9
  • Read and tweet along with us, and remember to include the book club hashtag #patheosmirth in your tweet!


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