A Call in the Clutter: Responding to Wisdom & Wonder

By Madison Wasinger

[This post is part of a conversation around the new book by Dutch theologian Abraham Kuyper, Wisdom & Wonder: Common Grace in Science & Art, now featured at the Patheos Book Club.]

Artists On Call in Culture: A Generous Mind Conversation

I am excited about this new concept, “On Call in Culture.” When first hearing about it, I was immediately challenged on how I might apply the idea to my life, particularly in the area of my personal organizing business.

Since the organizing that I do is more of an individual process, it was more difficult for me to think of ways I could apply being On Call in Culture and the kind of changes I’d like to see within my field of business. But, after thinking and discussing with several people from church, several ideas came to mind.

To start, the core of it all: how I’d like to impact others through my business. My main goal for this business is to help others have a welcoming and peaceful room to enter in which they can achieve their own goals. Clutter and disorganization can really impact the amount of energy, type of mood, and amount of productivity in a person’s life. That’s where I’d like to step in and help out.

In order to achieve this, I can tackle the obvious, the things I can see with my eyes. But when looking to the heart of it, it’s not completely about the things we see; there are deeper ways I can impact and influence. An example of this unseen impact is prayer. While organizing, it would be the perfect time to pray for the person I’m working for. Some organizing projects take days to complete and what an opportune time to cover the place and person in prayer. It would be a great way to keep my heart and mind God-centered and create impact upon the person’s life.

In addition to prayer, another possible opportunity to reach out to others could be through discussion. It can be a vulnerable process for a person to open up their home and allow me to see their clutter. While organizing, I’m sure I’ll find some interesting things to talk about; perhaps paraphernalia from trips. These are great starting points for conversation and getting to know the person better and creating intentional relationships. In short, I am hopeful that more ideas will come on how I can apply being On Call in Culture to my business. In the meantime, I am eager to get started and see how this will change not only those I organize for, but myself as well!

You can connect with me and my new endeavor at http://organizedsimply.wordpress.com/.

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