For God and Country: A Video Interview with Author Logan Mehl-Laituri

Should Christians question war?  This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring a new book exploring that question and other challenges of faith, patriotism and conscience, by army veteran Logan Mehl-Laituri. Reborn on the Fourth of July is the true story of Mehl-Laturi’s journey from American soldier to conscientious objector and eventual Christian peace-maker. Ultimately, Reborn is the honest and inspiring account of a young man’s heart-wrenching struggle to discover how to faithfully serve God and Country, in that order.

We caught up with Logan at the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina a few weeks ago to ask him more about the book, how he decided to write about his experience, and what he hopes this book offers the Church as we truly seek to support our troops and veterans of war.


Visit the Patheos Book Club to read an excerpt from Reborn on the Fourth of July, and join the conversation on faith and patriotism.

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