On Signs and Wonders: A Video Chat with Chad Norris

I’m a liberal Protestant gal who believes in prayer, but doesn’t think she could really heal someone … but after talking with Baptist preacher Chad Norris for the Patheos Book Club, I wanted to run right out and lay hands on someone!  (Not to mention grill out with the guy, who was so likable and down to earth.)

Norris’ new book, Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher: How Jesus Flipped My World Upside Down is the story of his journey from clinical depression to becoming a healer (well, God does the healing, he says; he just does the praying and believing part). Filled with stories of his own brokenness, as well as fantastic experiences of healing in his own – and others’ – lives, all laced with a self-deprecating sense of humor, Signs and Wonders becomes an inspiring and passionate plea to all of us to get into the healing game. It’s as easy, Norris says, as praying, “Jesus, help them.”  And then, believing God can do it.

I got to talk with Chad via Skype this morning about his book, why we’re called as Christians to lay hands on people, and what happens when someone we pray for doesn’t get better.

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