Taste Every Moment: A Review of “Death by Living”


In your average Coldstone ice cream shop, you have your pedestrian tastes (strawberry and chocolate) and some esoteric ones (tastefully outside the box). N.D. Wilson, author of the new book, Death By Living, is on the faculty of an interesting educational venture out in Idaho called New St. Andrews College. He writes fantasy fiction for [Read More...]

The First Thanksgiving: A Review


If the Beatles had sung their song “Imagine” with Thanksgiving in mind, it might have started like this: Imagine there’s no turkey… Forget the stuffing too… No pie or cranberries… Just some eel and a turnip or two… Robert Tracy McKenzie, in The First Thanksgiving, hacks away much of the sentimental overgrowth of Thanksgiving. He’s not [Read More...]

Good Power: A Book Review of Andy Crouch’s “Playing God”


Andy Crouch has a lot to say and brings good street “cred” in saying it. He recently became executive editor at Christianity Today. He’s a senior fellow at the International Justice Mission’s IJM Institute. He’s on the governing board at both Fuller Theological Seminary and the John Templeton Foundation. He authored Culture Making: Recovering Our [Read More...]

A “Better” Book Review


It’s this thing about favorite foods. If I say I love something, someone else will hate it so much they’d rather eat a bug (quite tasty in many cultures and high in protein). If I hate it, someone will think me a neo-Nazi for trashing their food. I’m the same way; people who eat liver [Read More...]

The Global Public Square: A Review


Not getting along is nothing new. We’ve been doing it for centuries and we’re getting better at it all the time. The only major difference lies in that through most of human history up through the Cold War of the late twentieth century, we didn’t care all that much. We wanted to get along as [Read More...]

Slaying Giants, Again and Again


Confession time here – I came to Five Stones: Conquering Your Giants set to dislike it. As I unpacked it, I thought, “Fine. Another book on how I’m supposed to solve my life by a formula devised by some ‘personal trainer’ who smears their face with tofu and is the expert on this kind of stuff. [Read More...]

God’s Favorite Place on Earth


The point of “God’s Favorite Place on Earth” lies in Frank Viola’s premise that the heart (core) of every Christian should be a place where Jesus knows He has intimacy, joy and sabbath; he writes because many do not, maybe they are unaware or are playing shallow for many reasons. [Read more...]