The First Thanksgiving: A Review


If the Beatles had sung their song “Imagine” with Thanksgiving in mind, it might have started like this: Imagine there’s no turkey… Forget the stuffing too… No pie or cranberries… Just some eel and a turnip or two… Robert Tracy McKenzie, in The First Thanksgiving, hacks away much of the sentimental overgrowth of Thanksgiving. He’s not [Read More...]

Good Power: A Book Review of Andy Crouch’s “Playing God”


Andy Crouch has a lot to say and brings good street “cred” in saying it. He recently became executive editor at Christianity Today. He’s a senior fellow at the International Justice Mission’s IJM Institute. He’s on the governing board at both Fuller Theological Seminary and the John Templeton Foundation. He authored Culture Making: Recovering Our [Read More...]

A “Better” Book Review


It’s this thing about favorite foods. If I say I love something, someone else will hate it so much they’d rather eat a bug (quite tasty in many cultures and high in protein). If I hate it, someone will think me a neo-Nazi for trashing their food. I’m the same way; people who eat liver [Read More...]