Does God Want to Heal Everyone?


Author Chad Norris and I would agree that the lovers of Jesus need to keep on asking Him to throw His fastball. His love will sort the rest out. [Read more...]

Getting Real with God Down Deep

9277 Finding God in the Dark_mck.indd

What happens when, as Christians, our lives take serious hits? I mean “four torpedoes at the waterline” kind of hit. [Read more...]

A Contagious Christ: A Review of Follow Me


One of the things I loved most about doing talk radio centered around two things involving my guests. First, I gave them lots of space; I worked in a format where I could give them at least a half hour (25 minutes in radio land) and often an hour for someone addressing a heavyweight topic. [Read More...]

Dealing with the Devil: A Review of Operation Screwtape


I’m a Sherlockian – hardcore. Not only do I love the stories but I set the bar high for books and films portraying him. Nobody does Sherlock on film like Jeremy Brett, nobody. Basil Rathbone was weaker than broth from a one-legged chicken. Christopher Plummer, so great in so many things, should have let Sherlock [Read More...]

Living the Good Life Now: A Review of Heaven on Earth


In a Peanuts cartoon, Violet turns to Linus and says, “You know what’s funny? Paintings of Adam and Eve where they both have belly buttons. Think about that; take as much time as you need.” If we take the Bible seriously (read; think about it to any degree), it can really mess with our head. [Read More...]

What Does Christian Leadership Look Like?


We live in chameleon times. We like to think of ourselves as decent people but don’t shake that up by shining a light on our daily lives. We say we believe in family values but don’t keep score of how many marriages or “significant” relationships we go through like popcorn. We want integrity in leadership [Read More...]

Hungering for the Real Deal: A Review of The Intentional Christian Community Handbook


Editorial people create book titles that flirt with readers. They want us to pick it up, flip through and find it hard to put down. They want us to click into our cart and proceed to check out. This title won’t do that; it just doesn’t have much of a beat to dance to, overlooks [Read More...]