More or Less: A Fresh Approach to a Familiar Topic

“More or Less” author Jeff Shinabarger writes from an experiential location about his call to be a steward of his possessions, time and gifts for the good of the world that God loves without using religious or church language as a prompt or mandate. [Read more…]

Soul Friends: A Review of Love & Salt

A Review of Love & Salt: A Spiritual Friendship Shared in Letters By Amy Andrews and Jessica Mesman Griffith As we take the turn into Lent very soon, we are blessed to be given a window into a spiritual friendship that uses the age-old practice of letter writing as a mode of mutual spiritual direction. [Read More…]

Following Jesus, Warts and All: A Review of Holy Nomad

I was in conversation with a young man recently who had encountered and was drawn to what he called “the Jesus Story,” after searching through other traditions, but became frightened and repelled when he met what he experienced as all the rules that communities have about following the Jesus Way. How I wish I could [Read More…]

My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds With the Help of the Saints

[This post by the Rev. Elizabeth Nordquist (and Patheos’ A Musing Amma blogger) is part of a roundtable conversation on the new book My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints, by Dawn Eden. Visit the Patheos Book Club for more conversation and resources related to this book.] The community [Read More…]

What is the Spirit Saying to Us, Here and Now?

I would recommend that churches and pastors alike peruse “Letters to a Future Church,” in the first place for its hope and energy. It is hard to feel despairing and stuck within earshot of these witnesses to the power of the gospel. [Read more…]

Sanctuary of the Soul

Richard Foster’s new book, Sanctuary of the Soul: Journey Into Meditative Prayer, is a welcome addition to the wide range of choices available for learning the spiritual practice of Christian meditation. [Read more…]

Falling Upward: A Review of Richard Rohr’s New Book

In his new book, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, Richard Rohr catches the wave of interest in spirituality in the second half of life by offering a template for the progression of life stages, using Jungian insights, illustrating the arc of the journey, referencing The Odyssey, and connecting those sources [Read More…]