New Article in “Free Inquiry”!

Greg Epstein and I recently authored an article for the magazine Free Inquiry prefiguring our upcoming book The Godless Congregation! Here’s a snippet: Something interesting is happening: across the United States and increasingly even the world, atheists are coming together not to debate but to celebrate. Moving beyond discussions of the existence of God and the evils of [Read More…]

Fund “Brighter Than Today: A Secular Solstice”!

What do you do when the world turns dark? When the days wither, the wind chills, and and bare trees claw the sky with scratchy fingers? If you’re anything like me, you draw closer to others, find solace in human company, and sing. The first speech I gave consistently at Humanist conferences was on the [Read More…]

Discussing the Ohio Holocaust Memorial on the Camels With Hammers Show

Last night I participated in an intelligent, thoughtful discussion of the Ohio Holocaust memorial (my posts on that topic here and here) on Dan Fincke’s Camels With Hammers Show!. The video is now available! Here it is: [Read more…]

Back “DemonWars: Reformation” on Kickstarter!

Did you know I’m a huge geek? Well, now you do. Recently I performed my first wedding, marrying Bryan Salvatore and Stephanie Piantedosi-Salvatore. Well, it turns out Bryan and his father, R.A. Salvatore (yes, you geeks may have heard of him – New York Times bestselling author many times over and cause of many well-spent hours in my youth!) have just [Read More…]

Help Ben “SweaterVest” Blanchard, Humanist Hero!

Donate to help Ben become a Pathfinder! I’ve known Ben Blanchard, a young microbiology/pre-med Humanist known or his penchant for Sweater Vests, for quite some time, and as well as being a charming gentlemen he is one of the most committed young students in the Humanist movement I know. That’s why I’m so excited Ben is [Read More…]

Why I Do What I Do

This summer, I have run myself ragged. I have traveled the country visiting countless atheist and Humanist groups and conferences, and my schedule is no less grueling in the coming weeks. I have spoken, I have sung, and I have conducted workshops. I have been interviewed, written articles, and blogged, all the while putting my [Read More…]

The Difference Between Secular Law and Secular Culture

Secularism is one of my highest values. I consider a secular state – a state in which the government neither represents nor promotes any religious affiliation, in which laws are not made on the basis of purely religious arguments, and which remains neutral in matters of faith and conscience – to be one of the [Read More…]