Countdown to 30 – 4 Days to Go! – Developing Humanism

Countdown - 4

The fourth post in my “Countdown to 30″ series, looking forward to my 30th birthday and back to how I got here. Developing Humanism – A Home for my Values My commitment to Humanism truly blossomed when I arrived in America. I remember one particular conversation with a fellow Harvard graduate student. We were sitting in [Read More...]

Countdown to 30 – 5 Days to Go! – Discovering Humanism

Countdown - 5

The third post in my “Countdown to 30″ series, looking forward to my 30th birthday and back to how I got here. Discovering Humanism – Something to Believe In While I was raised nonreligious, I didn’t consider myself a committed Humanist until I reached University. I had gone to Cambridge to study Education, inspired by [Read More...]

Countdown to 30 – 6 Days to Go! – Godless Childhood

Countdown - 6

The second in my “Countdown to 30″ series, looking forward to my 30th birthday and back to how I got here. This one provoked heated discussion with my family, so I’ve made some edits to reflect their concerns. I want to make it clear: my family was never poor. What I wanted to convey was [Read More...]

Countdown to 30 – 7 Days to Go! – “You Should Be a Priest!”

Countdown - 7

This is the first post in my “Countdown to 30″ series! In one week – on January 3rd, a birth date I share with JRR Tolkien (as well as Mel Gisbson – sigh) – I will turn 30. I’m someone who takes milestones like this seriously. I don’t subscribe to the view that it’s “just another day” [Read More...]

The Humanist Community at Harvard – Sharing Our Vision, Everywhere

Humanist Community at Harvard

Most of you will know I work for the Humanist Community at Harvard as their Research and Education Fellow. We’re a community-building non-profit in Cambridge, MA which runs a community center for Harvard undergraduates, grad students, alumni, and the Boston population. We have weekly small group discussion meetings, social events, and public Sunday platforms where [Read More...]

Chris Stedman Represents Atheists on MSNBC!

Chris Stedman on MHP

The title says it all: Humanist Community at Harvard Assistant Chaplain Chris Stedman appeared on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show yesterday morning to discuss religion and the tragedy in Newtown. You can see him speaking up for atheists here! [Read more...]

Humanist Community at Harvard 2012 Fundraiser Blogathon Recap!

Humanist Community at Harvard

Donate to the Humanist Community at Harvard here! My workplace, the Humanist Community at Harvard, is fundraising right now to support our extensive service program, our community center, and our continual public outreach promoting Humanism. Part of the fundraising drive was a blogathon by Chris Stedman and Chelsea Link, and you can find a great recap of the whole thing [Read More...]