Integrity! Integrity! Integrity!

The best moment of the most boring debate I’ve ever seen:

John Kerry carrying on about his mother, on her deathbed telling him: Remember…Integrity! Integrity! Integrity!

Lowenstien! Lowenstein! Lowenstein!

Rosebud! Rosebud! Rosebud!

Geez. I wanted to puke.

I’m sure Mrs. Kerry was a lovely lady, and I am sorry that she apparently had a miserable illness.

But puh-leeze.

I guess Kerry decided that he DARE not exploit Christopher Reeve’s death any further, thus he needed an available corpse. So he decided to make his mother sound like Mr. Chips.

And what is it about Kerry and Edwards that they have to keep mentioning Mary Cheney’s sexuality? It’s so CLASSLESS. I’m sure Kerry wouldn’t want his daughters lives put into play for political expediency.

Two wasted opportunities by Bush: When Kerry carried on about how the country came together after 9/11, and said Bush had done nothing but divide the nation…it would have been good if Bush had said to him: If you’re so good at bringing people together, how about you start by disavowing the repeated attacks, break-ins, shootings and thefts at my campaign headquarters around the country????

and…after Kerry mentioned Ronald Reagan ad nauseum, I wish Bush had turned around and said: I knew Ronald Reagan, my father served under Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was my friend…and sir, you’re no Ronald Reagan!

This third debate was a snore. Scheiffer is a stiff. His “you WILL unite America like W promised but failed to do, won’t you…” question was the lamest, most absurd so-called ‘question’ I have ever heard of. As my kid would say: LAMER!
Next time, get Jon Stewart to moderate.

Best pundit line of the night: Jim Geraghty from The Kerry Spot: John Kerry came across as an old, tired, worn out, stretched-out Leftist Tree Spirit belched forth by the fiery pits of Massachusetts liberalism.


UPDATE: Just watched Pedro Martinez talk to reporters about his game tonight (he pitched very well, but lost to my bombers). He was asked if it bothered him to hear the Yankee fans chanting, “Who’s your daddy?” at him, and he gave a lovely, sweet and humble answer about the moment being an epiphany for him. That people do their jobs and don’t always think about what they’re doing. The crowd’s chants and jeers made Pedro realize the gift his life has been: “Fifteen years ago, I was sitting under a mango tree without fifty cents to take a bus, and here I was, center stage, being acknowledged by 60,000 people…and I’m grateful to them for helping me realize it and to God.” He was very moving, and I found myself really liking the guy. Makes up for when he tossed Zim to the ground last year. Almost.

But I hope his humility tonight doesn’t break the Curse of the Bambino.

My point for adding it to this post? I came away from listening to Pedro Martinez, and liking him – THIS YANKEE FAN, LIKING PEDRO MARTINEZ…because he exuded more class and humanity than John Kerry has in three debates.

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