The Coming of Love…and nothing like it.

A friend has just announced the birth of a granddaughter and emailed pictures – isn’t the internet a wonder – of the precious newborn, Isabella, so that we might share in their joy. In the picture this babe is only minutes old and already snuggling up to Mama, and Mama is gazing at her with such naked love it is almost too much to see. How miraculous! So this is how God keeps us going! It’s not the babies, per se, it’s not the corporeal creation – it’s the LOVE that becomes created at the same time. That is what is miraculous – THAT is what keeps us going.

Think of it. Little Isabella, still a question mark in the womb (her parents did not want to be told her gender early) was already loved by her parents, and by all of the prospective grandparents, aunts, uncles…but then she arrived, and with her came to all of them a love that hadn’t existed in the world before, but exists now, in our world, and feels as real and intense and palpable as something that has existed before time. The love between Isabella and her Mama in that photo didn’t exist in the world before her birth. Now, the parents are awestruck with it, they’ve discovered something greater than themselves in this Love – it is a Love so complete, so unconditional and all-encompassing, that they would die for it.

If God is love, here is God, renewed constantly through this Love – Ever Ancient, Ever-new.

One looks at this in wonder and in deep humility.

I have had the privilege of experience this Love, twice. I know parents who have adopted and, upon receiving their child into their arms felt the same Coming of Love. There is nothing on earth to which it can be compared, nothing on earth which can Bring Forth the Love in quite the same way.

One looks at picture of Isabella and her love-struck Mama, and one understands why abortion is such a triumph for the dark side. Every time a babe is aborted, this love is denied, is not allowed to Come. It cannot be Brought Forth. God is shut out.

I grieve for those women who have aborted their children (and suffered for that loss) because they bought into rhetoric that shrugged it all off, that told them abortion wasn’t really much of anything. I suppose if you have already embraced a kind of darkness that might be true. But for most women (and every woman I know who has made the decision to do so) abortion brings no light. With abortion, there is no Coming of Love.

God bless little Isabella, and her parents and family. She brings the Light. She brings the Love. She brings God.

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