The Epitome of Nincompoopery

Well, Barbara Boxer, (D-California) – the dumbest woman in the U.S. Senate, after Patty Murray – has gone and done it, she’s signed on to Rep. John Conyers’ (D-Michigan) nonsense objecting to…well, just objecting to the fact that the Democrats lost the Presidential Election, again. Oh, the official line is that Conyers and Boxer are “concerned” about “voting irregularities.” In the state of Ohio, which went for Bush by over 100,000 votes.

They have no “concerns” about “voting irregularities” in Pennsylvania, which went to Kerry by a much narrower margin, and with many reports of problems on November 2.

Nope, they’re only concerned about Ohio, which is another way of saying they only want to do all they can to de-legitimise President Bush’s second term as much as possible. Hence, Conyers does a Maxine Waters redux, standing up on January 6 to challenge Ohio’s 20 electoral votes. And the dumbest woman in the U.S. Senate, after Patty Murray, has validated him. Egad.

Understand, the Democrats are now objecting to the electoral process in Ohio…a process run by…DEMOCRATS.

Egad, again.

It will change nothing, this challenge. By rule, it will force both sides to stand around for two hours and pretend to listen to each other as they play to the cameras. The Democrats will then have revealed themselves (for the second general election in a row) to be hellbent on self-destruction, and determined to undermine any election they cannot either steal or win outright.

In other words, the Democrats will continue to weaken the electoral process, and then when it falls apart on their watch, someday, they’ll blame everyone else.

Captains Quarters has more. And there is more here. Over at Polipundit (which is a great place to go, everyday, but particularly when a story is breaking) they’re wondering if the Democrats have completely lost it. I wonder, too.

I’m just disgusted with “the whole boiling of them” as Grandma used to say.

And where is GOP leader Bill Frist in all of this? His leadership is ummm…underwhelming. Meanwhile Stranded on Blue Islands is live-blogging both the Challenge and the Gonzales hearings, if you can stomach either of ’em.

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