Russert says CBS knows who passed the bad docs

Now this is interesting.

Betsy, from the “so-good-you-really-should-check-in-several-times-a-day” Betsyspage reports that Wily-ol-red-headed Tim Russert, for whom (I cannot help it) I have a soft spot, went on Imus in the Morning and delivered a big fat (not really fat, but heavily jowled) bomb: CBS knows gave Mary Mapes the fake docs…and they ain’t sayin’.

Quotes Betsy: (linking from NewsMax)

“I think the interesting thing is the documents – where did they come from?” Russert told radio host Don Imus. “Somebody at CBS knows where the documents came from – and the credibility of that person, and the agenda of that person,” he said.
Taken aback, Imus asked, “So they all know, in other words?” Russert replied bluntly, “Yeah.”

The NBC newser said it was wrong for Mapes’ boss Dan Rather not to reveal at the outset – if not the source’s identity, at least the fact that he or she had partisan motives.

Writes Betsy: “While Russert supports CBS not giving up a source, he also seems to know that the source is partisan. Perhaps that is why they don’t want to give up the source. They don’t want to admit that they got the documents from someone with Democratic connections and that they rushed fraudulent docs onto the air simply on the say-so of a Democratic source plus a nutball like Burkett. That is the real scandal. If there are connections between the Democrats and the CBS story then there are some real problems and all that the conservatives have always alleged will be proven. How soon before someone leaks the name to Drudge or someone else? How long will the fired four protect CBS?”

I like that last question Betsy asks because it is one I’m wondering about myself, and so is Jim Geraghty, who asks (scroll down) IS THE NEXT CHAPTER IN RATHERGATE WRONGFUL TERMINATION SUITS? He quotes a passage from Gail Shister of the Philadelphia Inquirer, and notes her closer: “From what I’m hearing, the people who got nailed don’t feel like justice was done.”

Indeed. One cannot help but raise the eyebrows and repeat Geraghty’s own question like a mantra: Anybody else feel like this is an episode of “Law and Order” where the guessing game is, which member of the gang will turn on the others and cop a plea first?

So, basically, it looks like in the matter of Rathergate, the fat lady did sing…but her aria is not quite finished…or she’s gonna come on and give and encore!

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