Schiavo allowed to starve wife to death: UPDATED

Short and sweet: Judge Greer has ordered an emergency stay which will prevent Terri’s feeding tubes from being removed until 5:PM Wednesday. Exactly 24 hours from now. There will be a hearing earlier in the day. Pray for Judge Greer, that his heart will be moved to regard “erring on the side of life” preferrable to starving this woman to death for no good reason.


She’s not dying. She’s just a big inconvenience who he won’t divorce, even as he builds a life and children with another woman. He won’t simply step out of the picture and allow her family to take care of her.

No. He won’t step away; he wants her dead. And since she is has no fatal illness and does have the ability to respond to stimuli, there is really no way to effect her death unless he takes an action. He wants to take that action and remove her feeding tubes, because the only way to finally kill his wife is to let her starve.

And he’s has no problem with that.

Pope John Paul II – great defender of Life against the Culture of Death – has said that every human being, however ill, is entitled to basic nutrition – that to starve someone, to deny them hydration, is unusually cruel and inhumane.

But the judge has no problem with that, either. To be fair to him, the judge did issue a one-day “stay” on his order to begin starving the woman, but her husband is so eager to begin this process that he is ghoulishly saying he will not wait for the stay

Representatives are saying that any removal of the gastric feeding tubes will be very temporary, as they will appeal this ruling to the SCOTUS…a gang of nine who could say anything, at this point.

People keep writing and saying, “what can be done, what is our recourse, what can be done for Terri Schiavo?”

All of the avenues of man are drying up. What do you do? You appeal to the Highest Judge. Prayer and fasting have undone bigger things than this. Pray. Fast. Sacrifice. Offer it all up for Terri’s intention.

More here via Stones Cry Out.

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