Florida Bishops offer weak, mealy-mouthed talk on Schiavo

Egad, what a disappointment!

It’s not unusual for the layfolk to have to speak up and say, EXCUSE ME? Is this the best you shepherds can do?

The Florida Catholic Bishops’ conference has stated plainly that Terri’s means of receiving food and water does not constitute ‘extraordinary’ means of preserving her life, and is a simple requirement of ordinary care. Bishop Lynch, a signatory to that statement, has in a statement of his own, implied that Terri is at death’s door, and indicates that his only concern is the lack of “peace” between her estranged husband Michael Schiavo and her parents.

But I rather like Greg Wallace’s righteous anger and Someguy’s excellent fury.

The bishops need to put out a much stronger message than they have.

If this woman is allowed to be starved to death for no good reason…we’re all going to pay for it, down the road.

I believe in miracles…but Greg is correct, the blogs are getting caught up in worrying about McCain, and it may be at the cost of human life. We have time to fight that battle…Terri Schiavo does not have time to wait for us.

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