More debunking of the “JPII held back women” myth

A very good article sent my way by my dear little brother, Thom, who is the most truly CENTRIST person I know, always fair.

Anyway – here are women who knew John Paul the Great, and who advanced in their work because of him, speaking about the changes he has wrought:

“If you knock the issue of ordination off the table, women have advanced significantly,” even at the Vatican, Sister Mary Ann Walsh, spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said in Rome this week.

The Vatican employee who established the Web site where Pope John Paul II’s teachings are posted in six languages is a U.S. Franciscan nun, Sister Judith Loebelein, nicknamed Sister Web.

One of the first female church lawyers to work at the Vatican is Sister Sharon Holland, a Michigan-born member of the Monroe-based Immaculate Heart of Mary nuns.

Holland’s boss, an Italian Salesian nun, was named last year as an undersecretary of a Vatican congregation, the first time a woman was promoted to a position held by priests since the 16th Century. Sister Enrica Rossana, now the third-ranking official in a Vatican congregation that oversees religious men and women, is vigorous, outgoing and proud of where she is.

“I am the only one, the only woman,” Rossana said this week about her one-year tenure as undersecretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. “John Paul II put me in this job.”

You’ll want to read the whole thing.

As I have always said: Ministry is available to everyone within the church. Ordination is not the be-all-and-end-all. If you truly are called to ministry, and you are generous enough to answer the call, God will know where to put you, and how to best use you.

When you have become God’s in the measure He wants, He, Himself will know how to best bestow you on others. Unless He prefer, for they greater advantage, to keep thee all to Himself.’ St. Basil

And the whole idea of women in ministry is, after all, to serve and give up one’s own power, isn’t it? Rather than to “feel empowered?”

Seems to me that if John Paul II taught us anything, he taught us that to offer oneself into Christ service – to REALLY offer oneself, and to be taken up on it, is to be used, and used, and used, by Christ until there is nothing left – until you have become a burned out cipher for Christ. Or, to quote Paul – to be poured out like a libation.

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  • John Hetman

    Would you deprive our aging Catholic liberals and their allies of something less to complain about with the Church? I know that they think the gospels are modeled on the last three decades of Democratic Party platforms, so why abuse this touching naivete with such cruelly factual articles? If the Holy Spirit should choose Cardinal Ratzinger or another devoutly orthodox Catholic as Pope, I hope that my dogs will not start howling at the sounds coming from some of the local rectories and nuns’ apartments.

  • Truthseeker

    “Ministry is available to everyone within the church. Ordination is not the be-all-and-end-all. If you truly are called to ministry, and you are generous enough to answer the call, God will know where to put you, and how to best use you.”

    This is a wonderful thought and guide to those seeking to serve God. I have always been happy as a lay member of the Church for there is freedom in our service. The ordained have to meet specific needs and agendas that I do not. God knows best how to use the talent within His Church, whether men or women.

  • http://St.PPIIMagnus OhioWoodsman

    Wimmen Priest? NO WAY! The Roman Catholic Mass is the re-creation of our Lord’s sacrifice–he died on the cross. Bread and wine turned into Christ’s body and blood. THAT’S WHAT THE PRIEST (a man)re-creates and celebrates, just like Christ. Weren’t no wimmen up on those 3 Golgotha crosses. Only men. Sorry–ya can’t change histery. Or dogma or doctrine. Shows how durn dumb these media types is.

  • DeputyHeadmistress

    I’m ‘not-a-Catholic’ but I am a member of a Church that also does not recognize women preachers/elders (our equivilant of your priests/bishops), but does recognize and encourage service and ministry for all the body.

    I love what you said here. Ministry is about ministering to others, service- it’s not about YOU. I’m a suspicious about the egoes of those involved in complaining that they can’t be titled and God wants them to serve.

    On a similar note- don’t know if you noticed or not, but elsewhere in the blogosphere in the aftermath of the Pope’s death, a handful of liberals were commenting that on the MSM news where people were saying nice things about PJPII, they were all men. No women complimenting the Pope on those news-shows- hmmmm, isn’t THAT suspicious?!
    Did not ever seem to occur to them that one reason might just be that the MSM didn’t interview any women who liked their Church as it was- instead they presumed it was because only men liked the male priesthood.