No ultrasounds on pre-aborted fetuses! It might HURT the baby!

Got that? Dirty Harry points us to this staggering little bit of legislation:

Pro-abortion forces won a victory in the Illinois House Wednesday as State Rep. Rosemary Mulligan (R-Park Ridge) successfully passed HB 2492 which would make it a criminal offense for an ultrasound to be administered without a doctor’s order.

Mulligan said that Planned Parenthood and the Illinois State Medical Society encouraged her to sponsor the legislation because there was a concern about long exposure of fetuses to ultrasound waves.

Do you believe this? Wait! There is more!

Mulligan, who is a strong abortion advocate, said that an ultrasound should not be done for political reasons to make anyone change their minds about any particular purpose.

Now, don’t you women let anyone trick you into having a sonargram that might make you decide NOT TO KILL THAT LITTLE BUGGER, if you see it’s more than a blob of cells, and we don’t WANT THAT!

All of which begs the question: if it’s just a clump of cells, and not a baby, why worry about protecting it?

Aw, c’mon, Anchoress, we all know this has nothing to do with protecting a baby, and everything in the world to do with keeping those stirrups filled, and those Planned Parenthood coffers overflowing!

Okay, take a deep breath and repeat after me…John Paul the Great was correct: there really IS A CULTURE OF DEATH. THERE REALLY IS A CULTURE OF DEATH.

And this broad is a charter member of the club. Deatheaters, all.

If you can stand it, Harry also has a story about other liberals who want KFC to stop killing chickens. Seems it’s okay to kill the babies, but don’t kill the chickens! This particular KFC turned the sprinklers on them.

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  • tmt

    Yep, the culture of death is alive and well, Anchoress. Rush had a story this week about people working 24-7 to save dolphins that had beached themselves and they had resorted in some cases to a feeding tube for the dolphins. Uh huh. Not that I’m against helping animals but…but Teri Schiavo…well, we won’t go there.

  • karen

    My liberal friend, Spud, sent me a satirical ranting of Rush’s about packing whales in ice and trying to push them back out to sea, didn’t these do-gooders know that these whales wanted to beach? It was obviously their will to die. He didn’t think it was too funny. I did. Listen to the whales… tmt, you are right…Terri Schiavo… WE HAVE been there :(

  • cathyf

    It’s not just about moms who will see their babies and decide not to abort. This is about “boutique” ultrasound labs which take not-medically-necessary “baby pictures” for parents to put in their photo albums. There is some concern that one of these non-medical picture-taking exercises will result in the detection of some fetal abnormality, and there won’t be a trained professional there to convince mama that the imperfect baby must be aborted.

  • Curt

    Focus on the Family has been taking donations for a few years now to be able to provide ultra-sound machines to pregnancy resource centers. You can read about it here. It seems that over 50% of those considering abortion choose to keep the baby, once they see it.

    This law in Illinois sounds like about 30 years ago, when they made it illegal to sell term insurance in Texas, because it was cutting into the whole life industry big time. It’s sad we will do the smae with a baby, just for a buck.

    Thankfully, we are not the judge, and the Judge has many options at His command.

  • stephanie

    Okay, that’s jsut stupid. *Sigh*

  • Francis W. Porretto

    Yes, dear, there really is a Culture of Death. And he who says otherwise is odds-on to be its secret ally.

  • tmt

    Just one more thing about the culture of death, dolphins and their feeding tubes…it was actually cruel to the dolphins because the press has told us when a being is starving there is “euphoria”. Those do-gooders were depriving dophins of euphoria. Killin’ ‘em with kindness.
    Aug. Can you tell the thing has me freakin’ mad?
    Sometimes I think we are living the Lord of the Rings-the culture of death vss the culture of life.

  • Darrell

    The Socialists want people to be ignorant. Expectant mothers are going to small “boutiques” to make advanced ultrasound videos to show their friends and family. The Pro-Death crowd came to the realization that this is counterproductive. The more people see these video, the more they realize that they are being lied to…Some people has even reached the conclusion that these are living human beings! We can’t have that, can we? That goes against 30+ years of liberal preaching. The solution? As usual, ban free speech–stop the videos from being made. Not only for women considering abortion, but for everybody. Doctors aren’t in the business of providing patients with high-quality images for their own entertainment. They will co-operate. Plus their fees are prohibitive, and insurance plans aren’t going to authorize any unnecessary procedures. Problem solved. They get to protect their turf, as well. Doctors use office staff to administer these tests with little training. That’s OK for them, because they charge you the full rate. But we can’t let anyone else do these tests. No, that’s “unethical”… No matter how foolproof the equipment is.

  • Dylan

    Rep. Mulligan inspired me to contact STOPP and donate fifty bucks. On the “tribute” page, I gave them her name and address just to let her know how effective she is as state satantor of Illinois.

  • JB

    Why can’t people change their minds? I thought they were “pro-choice” not pro-abortion – isn’t that what they ALWAYS say?

  • Mema

    Frustrating to not be able to read your site. All the words are dark and run down the left side of the page against a brown background.

  • TheAnchoress

    Mema, it’s showing alright to me. Is anyone else having a problem?

  • Neo

    This should only be done to specifications produced by doctors and the FDA, not a bunch of politicians, who produce laws for political purposes.