How to mess with a 6 year old mind

It’s very funny, if imaginary, conversation between a dad and his son. Troubling, too…but funny.
– a conversation the writer can see himself having, someday, with his son:
P: Daddy?

T: Yes?

P: If God can do anything, why wouldn’t He stop it from raining when I have soccer practice.

T: Primus, that’s because God hates soccer, and when he sees children playing soccer it fills Him with sadness.

P: Do you mean, it’s a sin to play soccer?

T: I believe so. They call it “Eurotrashism“.

P: So I’m making a sin by playing soccer?

T: Primus, do you receive Communion at Mass?

(Primus shakes his head no)

T: That’s right, you don’t. That’s because you haven’t reached the age of reason. That means you’re not fully responsible for your actions, and it would be very difficult for you to commit a sin.

P: Then who made the sin of me playing soccer?

T: That would be your mother. After all, she is the one who filled your head with the thought.

P: We should pray for mommy.

T: Yes, yes we should.

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