Oh…what a surprise…

Oh…what a surprise… September 14, 2005

The eternal adolescents – stuck in stupefying immaturity – are making a big deal out of the fact that President Bush discreetly wrote a note to Condi Rice wondering if a bathroom break was possible.

Ohhhh, Lordy! The president pees! Giggle! Snort! What a moron! Bill Clinton never had to pee! Hillary never has to find a bathroom! Ted Kennedy never had to pee! He mighta gone around without pants, but he never had to pee! If Al Gore was president, Al Gore would never have to pee!

Let’s all put our heads together, jeer and point and call out “pee-pee head! pooh-pooh head!”

Because we never really did leave the sandbox, did we?

Or, let’s face it, the press would not have snapped that photo, or released it on the wire, for their beloveds, would they? The malice is all reserved for the object of their obsessive hate.

It is not embarrassing to write a note looking for a bathroom break. It SHOULD be embarrassing if you find yourself needing to guffaw about it like a 4 year old.

Ah, well…Bush can take it. I’m not sure “I” can take this sort of juvenile stupidity, but he’ll likely make a joke about it and in doing so, show more class than them.

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