Iraq and the Danes? A set up by whom?

Iraq and the Danes? A set up by whom? February 22, 2006

It all seems a little too neat, doesn’t it? Quiet Denmark is accused (5 months late) of mocking Islam because of a handful of cartoons. Then riots all over the place…then a Mosque is blown up in Iraq…and who is being blamed?


It allllll feels like a long-planned set-up, does it not?

But by whom, exactly?

The purpose is obviously to destroy the momentum being created by the advent of democracy in the Middle East – grab everyone by the throat with religion and blame a country unlike to fight back.

Bad stuff. Very bad. I wonder who’s really behind it. It can’t be a couple of mullahs, alone.

Iraq the Model is writing and posting updates, and you’ll hate what you’re reading:

I believe there are foreign terror groups behind this attack and I don’t think local insurgent would do such a thing, simply because this particular shrine had been in Sunni territory for a thousand years and the residents of Samarra had always benefited from the movement of religious tourism and pilgrimage.

Things look scary here in Baghdad and I hope there won’t be more updates to report as I can’t see a positive thing coming out of this.

Belmont Club is thinking cooler heads might prevail.

Seems to me someone is TRYING to start WWIII.

Buster says, “someone oughta tell ’em, fine, you want to start a World War? We’ll END it.”

Buster can be such a hothead sometimes.

Let us pray.

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