What Buster is listening to

My eclectic son – a big fan of the great Bill Withers – is listening to this, and loving it:

He wants me to tell you that if you have forgotten Bill Withers, you should please do yourself a favor and remember him and his great music, because it is “extremely great R&B that should not be forgotten – he was such a fantastic vocalist with such outstanding phrasing.” I can’t say I disagree with him.

I’m considering allowing Buster to have a page of his own for his music selection – because he loves recommending music and talking about it. On his weekly radio show (he puts together the music lists for a weekly show and introduces them, and it’s always an interesting mix) Buster played “Wabash Cannonball” from the old Chieftains album, Another Country (also a really terrific album, btw) and in his introduction he urged his audience to listen to the exuberant vocal by Ricky Scaggs, the musianship of the gang, in general and “if you pay attention to the banjo, you’ll be hearing a very young Bela Fleck – way before he put together The Flecktones.”

I have to think some folks listening in as they were driving to work were thinking, “what is this, a music lesson? Who is Bela Fleck? What the hell are Flecktones?” And I’m sure that when the hypnotic beat of the Irish bodhran began, followed by the sharp guitar and banjo chords, not a single one of them changed the channel. This is Bela Fleck, btw.

Anyway…Buster wants you to appreciate Bill Withers, today. I’ll throw these onto The Bookshelf.

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