Better to live briefly, and beloved…

…than to be shredded and killed in the womb.

Please read these two remarkable pro-life stories

In the case of little Benedict Oliver, I believe that love, life and the entire world were much better served by the 24 hours of profound love that was let into the world, than by the disallowing of the Coming of Love.

H/T Julie

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  • saganashkee

    Two beautiful stories. But as I read them, a book I have not read or even thought about in 40 or so years popped into my head. “The Loved One” by Evelyn Waugh. It puzzled me, but then I saw the connection. Waugh’s classic is a satire about Hollywood funerals and the absurdity of the funeral directors in selling the cult of perfection. The doctors pushing the abortion are the funeral directors. Both are absurd characters trying to sell an sicky sweet but really downright ugly “standard of acceptable perfectionism”. Even the way the news stories paint the doctors has the same silly uplifted pinky snobbery that Waugh gives the Hollywood funeral directors.

  • Myssi

    8 days ago, a very dear friend gave birth to a baby that 3 weeks ago was given little chance of surviving to full-term and even less of living for a full hour after birth. If she wanted to hold her child, they said she should have an emergency c-section. Obviously, she turned the doctors down and continual prayers were lifted on the baby’s behalf. My friend’s child has exhibited some severe birth defects and will be a special needs child for whatever length of life God grants. However, her child is loved by not only her, but by every person who prayed over her pregnancy from the day problems were first detected and that love is ministering to people because it is so obvious and real and indeed, supernatural. God is Life and God is Love and God is working miracles daily in my friend’s life and in her child. I’m purposely not mentioning her name or her child’s because I can’t ask her if it’s okay right now, but she knows that God is good in every circumstance and that it’s better to let love live.