The Geneva Convention doesn’t fit, here

It is very difficult to read the news of the deaths of our kidnapped soldiers. As a parent, all one can do is weep for the families of these men and pray for them, and pray for the people who boast of their “slaughter” while demanding their own be treated with kid gloves and accorded the treatment and considerations due real soldiers – the ones who wear uniforms and do not hide in shadows or shield themselves with children. (Imagine how many fewer innocent civilians would die if the Jihadists would just fight with honor).

“We give the good news … to the Islamic nation that we have carried God’s verdict by slaughtering the two captured crusaders,” said a statement in the name of the Mujahedeen Shura Council, the umbrella group for five insurgent organizations, including al-Qaida in Iraq.

The statement, which could not be authenticated, said the two soldiers were “slaughtered,” suggesting they had been beheaded. The Arabic word used in the statement, “nahr,” is used for the slaughtering of sheep by cutting the throat and has been used in past statements to refer to beheadings.

This is not surprising. The formation of a strong Iraqi government, and the killing of Zarqawi meant that the new boy in charge was going to have to do something dramatic to assert himself. No one ever said this would be easy. but we keep on keeping on, rounding up the leaders. We’ll take them out one after another. We will win, and the world will be a better place for victory. Hopefully, fellows like this one will tell the straight story.

Gateway Pundit has background on these fine soldiers and updates.

Here is the good news you do not hear in the press. H/T Dr. Sanity.

Meanwhile, stories of American barbarity appear to be greatly exaggerated although the corrections don’t get headlines.

LGF finds people on the net who call these killings “quaint”.

Confederate Yankee suggests that American soldiers will not be so quick to surrender in the future. I’d bet he’s right.

Pajamas Media Seattle Editor Vanderleun has a terrific round-up of informative, disheartening post, and he links to audio of Private 1st Class Thomas Tucker’s last phone call home: “Be proud of me Mom, I’m defending my country. Tell sis and my nephews hello for me, I’m OK, I’m on my way.”

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