The media’s full-court press on Global Warming

It brings us this headline:

Earth warmest in at least 400 years, panel finds

Which begs the question…if we weren’t driving cars and flying planes and otherwise polluting the earth…why was the earth so freaking hot 400 years ago?

How about, Global Warming is Junk Science exploiting on the fact that the earth naturally warms and cools…and that Global Warming is being given the big hysteria-push these days because it is going to be used as a means to an end.

Once Bill Clinton – on whose radar terrorism has never blipped – embraces an issue, it is THE issue…and he has recently decided (after table-ing the Kyoto treaty which was unanimously rejected by the US Senate, it must be said) but we must always then ask: WHY? What is really behind the Global Warming hysterics that only being pumped up, every day…even as the folks doing the pumping are flitting about in their private jets, cooling their 9,000 square foot homes, etc.

It’s not about the dubious “facts” of Global Warming, obviously. It’s about something else.

Oh…now it’s the hottest in 2000 years…. Let’s see how hysterical we can get.

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