“…and I shall truly live.”

Sr. Kathleen Clare Lahl, OSB, makes her solemn vow

When a Benedictine monastic of either sex makes solemn vows, one of the most moving parts of the ritual is when he or she stands before the altar of the Lord, arms upraised, and makes the triple “suscipe,” proclaiming three times, “Accept me, Lord, as you have promised, and I shall truly live…”

It is an ancient formula and a tremendous moment. Here is a rather nice story of a nun making her final vows at the Clyde monastery which – as with many other monastic houses – is enjoying renewed interest and an influx of postulants. I know that because I have a pal over there, and she gives me the scoops! :-)

Enjoy. Also, you might like this story about twin brothers being ordained together.

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