Judge Taylor Roundup

I have so much stuff opened on this, I’ll just put it all together for your easy reference:

Check out Jonah Goldberg’s smart piece on constitutional double standards.

BEAR IN MIND: The tools Judge Taylor and the left want out of the reach of the US are the tools which are foiling terror attacks in England.

Read Ann Althouse’s excellent, rich-in-irony Op-ed in the NY Times, and she’s got a rousing comments thread as well. And Volokh also has a rowdy piece on it.

Hugh Hewitt links to Law Prof John Eastman’s primer on the question.

Stop the ACLU has Judicial Watch’s statement about Judge Taylor’s apparent conflict-of-interest. Allahpundit had the breaking roundup

Gateway Pundit: Judge Anna Diggs Taylor’s Dirty Donations

Arizona Daily Star is here. Sister Toldjah here

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