That candy you were asking me about…UPDATED

Someone emailed me asking for the link to the candy-making Trappistine nuns (affectionately nicknamed “Our Lady of the Incredible Candy”) – but when I try to reply the email doesn’t work. The link is here if you are still interested.

May I suggest, if you have an office full of people to buy gifts for this Christmas, or teachers, school bus drivers, beauticians, etc…these candies are simply scrumptious and your purchase helps keep these ladies in their praying habits.

UPDATE: Reader KIA has a great gift idea that some of you might like – for Christmas (or whatever) why not put together a basket of “goodies” that come from religious communities or (in one case) a home-schooling mother of 9?

Some sources: – those marked with an asterisk I’ve actually purchased, myself.
Bourbon Fudge* (No one uses bourbon as splendidly as a Trappist monk.)
Mystic Monk Coffee (Carmelite Monks. Been meaning to try it, myself.)
Trappist Preserves* (Best I’ve ever had.)
Monastic Cheese* (Mmmmm, good.)
Rosary Bracelets* (Beautifully made, light and comfortable)
Fruitcake (I still say fruitcake is an abomination before God, but this is supposed to be the best.)
Handmade Rosaries* (Carmelite Sisters – they repair your old ones, too.)
Incense and Vestments (Benedictine Nuns)
Soaps and Candles* (Benedictine Nuns, lovely stuff)
Wine by Trappist Monks (Abbey of New Clairvaux, California – Some wine with that retreat?)
Beer (Trappists in Belgium who purportedly make what is arguably the world’s best and you probably can’t get it.)

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  • KIA

    Anchoress would you allow a shameless plus for Mystic monk coffee to go with that great candy? The Carmelites of Wyoming are only 6 years old; going strong with vocations; praying for the world. Thank You!

    p.s. This just gave me an idea of how cool it would be to make gift baskets and support the pray warriors of the world at the same time. Don’t all the orders sell some type of food?

  • TheAnchoress

    KIA, I haven’t tried that coffee yet, but it’s on my list! Thanks for the link. And yes, what a good idea! Trappistine Candy, Carmelite Coffee and…and…okay, what do the Dominicans sell?

  • Agatha June

    Anchoress, normally I would agree with you WRT fruitcake – all that abnormally colored ‘fruit’ – but the monks in the UP of Michigan are a whole other story. They only use real dried fruit in their fruitcakes. And they have this Jamaican Black Rum fruitcake that will change your mind about fruitcakes forever. It’s made with molasses and ginger and spices and then soaked in dark rum. Mmmmmmm so good. If you can get your hands on some of their wild strawberry jam, that too is heaven on earth. With your permission, here is the link to the Jampot: And just to add to the diversity of orders, these guys are Eastern Othodox Uniates, specifically Ukrainian Orthodox Catholics. Take care.

  • Gayle Miller

    Anchoress, I ordered a HUGE amount of the candy from the Trappistine Monastery last Christmas and people were absolutely blown away by how good it was. I must confess to holding back 2 boxes for my own consumption and I enjoyed every morsel!

  • invernessie

    Thank you so much for the links. I collect rosaries. As I travel every week on business, I thought I’d add to my collection something from the Carmelite Sisters to bring along on all my trips. The rosaries are beautiful and are inspiring me to keep up my prayers.

    I may also start my Christmas shopping early with some preserves and chocolates! Mmmmmmmm…….

  • LinPeiLan

    One more site to consider is the wonderful Butter Nut Munch and Dark Chocolates made by the Trappistines at Mount St. Mary’s Abbey in MA. [edited to admit links - admin] These sisters are related to the others.

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  • expat

    We live in Luxembourg and used to live in Belgium, but we only have been lucky enough to buy a couple of bottles of Westvleteren 12% only once; it’s as difficult to get here as it is elsewhere, but it certainly lives up to its reputation!

    The other Belgian Trappist brews are certainly worth your while, however, if you can get them in the States!

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